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Naoko A. San Jose, California
Femoralacetabular Impingement is a big word with little awareness, but many are suffering the pain... More
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Dog Health Paw Problem Can Be Prevented by heru m. Patient Expert and other serious problems. The dog health paw problem can cause the beloved pet to become aggressive, sad.... Just like you, their health and happiness matters and only you can supply the care. Causes of the Dog Health Paw Problem...
Health Care Is Not the Problem: We are Too Fat Is the Problem by Kim K. Patient Expert The health care debate matters, but no matter what Congress does, America's health is not likely to get any better Because health care isn't causing the problem: our diet is. "The American way of eating...
Distinctions between health care delivery problems and social policy problems regarding premature births by Chris Alterio Occupational Therapist ' where the children are 34 weeks gestation and older have a higher incidence of learning problems. People will take advantage of the release of this report to politicize the findings as an indictment of the US health care...
It's sad that now there are spas banking on people's sleep deprivation. I am also thinking it has a great deal to do with light pollution and ubiquitous city noise. Whatever the case, sleep has certainly become a precious com
  If your dog is using her urine to mark/protect her space, then the hypothyroidism could be the result of this stress-related behavior.  Sometimes as dogs get older and/or if something changes in their environment that mak
Colonics for Stress and Health Problems at Body Harmony by Nirmala N. Detox detractors may well pooh-pooh the concept of purging the pipes, but Body Harmony in San Francisco is more than game for the challenge of wringing out toxins the old-fashioned way. Health buffs...
’.  In other words, the problems associated with soy have more to do with the genetically modified and isolated soy... is one of the most beneficial forms of protein on the planet. Many of the problems associated with soy...
There have been some studies suggesting that organic produce has a slightly higher antioxidant level than commercially-grown produce. However if buying organic produce means you won't be able to afford as many fruits and veg
Perhaps the best thing for you to do is to find a trainer who will help you  with balance exercises to compensate for your dizziness, maybe even a physical therapist.  Are you able to walk? Do you use a cane. If you walk on a

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Problems ... If you have any long-lasting (chronic) health problems, it is very important that they are being effect ... » Read on
Treatment ... life, giving people with the condition the opportunity to lead healthy, active, and more independent lives. E ... » Read on