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We all need to take care of our teeth right? Well as a dentist I get to examine teeth, gums, and... More
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Jason Lanier Theorizes about How to Fix the Digital Economy by Bruce Friedman Patient Expert small computer can play the game, as is the case with WikiLeaks.... The new class of ultra-influential...
Fourier X-ray Scattering and Phase-Contrast Imaging: Enhanced Contrast and Sensitivity of X-ray Images by , and other routine x-ray inspections. The invention provides a method and apparatus that can significantly improve and enhance the contrast and sensitivity of x-ray images. More specifically, the method described...
Give Blu-rays as Holiday Gifts, Plus Enter This Blu-ray #MovieMagic Giveaway! by Susan H. Patient ExpertFacebook , rediscover the #MovieMagic behind your favorite films. Blu-ray offers exclusive special features that put..., alternative endings, unreleased scenes, bloopers, and more! With a Blu-ray combo pack, you can enjoy...
You need to be doing neck traction along with getting adjusted by your chiropractor.  And not just any traction; you need to do what I call True Neck Traction.  This kind of traction not only stretches the neck but restores
Hmmm . . . I'm not clear as to your question.  If your pain has decreased, then great news!  If you're not completely recovered, then I'd recommend going back to see your family physician for further evaluation.  Or if you ha
Catching Some Rays? Don't Forget About Your Eyes! by Julie M. percent of UV, or ultraviolet, rays and 75 to 90 percent of visible light. Yet only a few manufacturers... Standards Institute. It means the lenses block more than 50 percent of UVB rays, the two kinds...
Beware of WikiAnswers… by Ron Patient Expert As I’ve just discovered, there’s a fundamental flaw with WikiAnswers (aka do the same thing again. WikiAnswers needs to change things so that answers can’t be overwritten – just added...
Wiki-Medicine by Yusuf Saleeby Medical DoctorFacebook Sep 26 2008  Wiki-Medicine. Scary. Please convince me that I shouldn’t be bothered... out of nothing. I tend to do that. Besides my doctor is awesome. 6 Responses to “Wiki-Medicine. Scary.” 1.Chrissy...
Hi Barb, it is also a good idea to get your spine checked for alignment in the cervical () and thoracic (midback) spine area. A chiropractor can check you out for this.  Hope this helps   Nav  
well one never knows but if it eases your mind at all the baby doesn't get nutrition from the mother until around 6wks- since the pregnancy tests came up negative at that point then I think by the time that 6wk window comes

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