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Juliana F. Acton, Massachusetts
I'm overcoming 10 years of nerve damage that had me down for the count, I'm now trying to come... More
Elizaevnsons California
If you could for 15 days Rejouvance used regularly check and then start to fade the appearance of... More
mariapeterson California
Hello, I am Maria Peterson from California and I used to work in a busy office in the city. I... More
Rasserre California
New grand mother, 2 sons. Empty nest. IT home office PC desk job. I love Gardening. I used to... More
jigsawtrading California
Jigsaw Trading Provides Day Trading decision support software for professional and retail... More

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Katie Wright Reviews Dr. Andrew Wakefield in New York City by Kim S. Patient Expert By Katie Wright Congratulations to the New York City chapter of the NAA... by therapists and health professionals regarding area resources (it is a short list!) or useful books. NAA board...
Mr. Wright, is autism an epidemic or not? Why not give real examples of how to make a financial impact? by Kev Leitch Healthy Living ProfessionalHealth Maven Bob Wright co-founded Autism Speaks and was their representative to the congressional hearing.... Mr. Wright’s testimony also included the statement: “The annual cost of autism in the United States...
Katie Wright on IACC 2012 by Kim S. Patient Expert By Katie Wright Secretary Sebelius came to address the 2012 Inaugural Interagency... performs no cutting edge research, in fact almost no research marginally useful to those living with autism...
Frank Lloyd Wright's 10-Point Manifesto for His Apprentices. by Gretchen R. Patient Expert Every Wednesday is Tip Day -- or List Day. This Wednesday: Frank Lloyd Wright's Manifesto... Frank Lloyd Wright's Autobiography -- a very thought-provoking work. In it, he includes...
Frank Lloyd Wright’s 10-Point Manifesto for His Apprentices. by Gretchen R. Patient Expert Every Wednesday is Tip Day — or List Day. This Wednesday: Frank Lloyd Wright’s Manifesto... and Madame X lists My Rules about money (look in the right-hand column). I read Frank Lloyd Wright’s...
Katie Wright: About that CDC Autism Press Conference Right Before Christmas by Kim S. Patient Expert By Katie Wright It felt strange googling my doppelganger. My real name is Catherine Wright. However, my doorman knows to accept any deliveries for Katie Wright, Cathy White or...
Autism Speaks Attends the DAN! Conference by Kim S. Patient Expert By Katie Wright Autism Speaks’ co-founders, Bob and Suzanne Wright, joined... his son’s issues in many of the lectures. I hope the conference was useful to him. Anita Sostek...
The Latest Health Wonk Review Is Up! by JaanS Medical Doctor Brad Wright, over at the eponymously named Wright on Health Blog uses his considerable familiarity with research to fashion the latest Health Wonk Review . Retrospective vs. prospective, suspect...
Useful Drinking Tips for the Holiday Season by Nirmala N. Red wine is the best libation to go for if you want to drink, but anything after a couple glasses pretty much cancels out the benefits. Go for organic when possible--they have less chemicals and additives. Choose p
I think you might be in the wrong section of Wellsphere -- how is this an ethics question?

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