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Why Do I Get Dizzy When My Hands Are Over My Head

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thank you very much and your right I should see a doctor I do have a history of low blood pressure but only when I'm pregnent. It could be any number of things, Susan, but I suspect your resting blood pressure may be low.
I agree with the previous poster. If there is even a chance of etopic you want to make 100% sure because so many things can go wrong with that so quickly- and what you've said could be significant. Yes - You need to go back
Todd Park Named as US CTO–An Ending of the Figure Heads- Now Some Serious Hands On Folks - Hybrids in Executive Positions by Medical Quack Patient ExpertHealth Maven .  We also have a good US CIO in house with some “hands on” experience and believe me these are the folks you want... and those without some hands on experience to step aside so the heavy weights can walk in.  Being logical with a coding...
Overeating with the Head, Hands, and Heart by Howard F. Doctor of Philosophy might also be thought of as falling into three general categories: the head, the hands, and the heart. These correspond to rational or intellectually motivated eating (the head); habitual eating behaviors that we engage...
Slap on the head for the hand maiden by Maddy M. Patient Expert I trundle through the day with all the usual hic-cups, the known and the familiar. “I am done.” “Oh good. I’m glad you’re finished.” “No! I am not done done, I am done.” I look at him cov
Cawthorne's Head Exercises for Dizziness by Neil Kao Medical Doctor Here's my answer.  This is a great table from an article by Scott Sicherer.  This is used with permission from the AAAAI and JACI.  The citation is "Sicherer SH. Clinical implications of cross-reactive food allergens.
sometimes you just gotta shake your head, shrug and say, "whatever!" by Heather Heywood Patient Expert that he had something in his hand, though i couldn't tell what it was. suspecting that it might be another muffin, i ask, "what's that in your hand, dude?" (trying to sound all innocent and naively curious so as not to tempt him to lie...
My Head is Spinning..... ... by Kelly Fisher Patient Expert or head movements and then decrease in less than one minute, (2) Dizziness with specific eye... your head in one hand, he tells you to focus on his finger (which is about 2" up toward the ceiling). Dear...
Head Injuries & Hospitals by Zipperhead .. Patient Expert is I have a concussion, a closed head injury, and POTS issues. Why exactly it happened, who knows. The dizziness... on Easter morning, I had one of my typical-of-late doozy of a dizzy spell. I leaned up against the kitchen...
FDA Allows Marketing of First Hand Held Device to Aid in Detecting Life Threatening Bleeding in the Skull–Infrascanner by Medical Quack Patient ExpertHealth Maven and bone in the skull area and the results are shown on a hand held computer.  BD The U.S. Food and Drug Administration today allowed marketing of the first hand-held device intended to aid...

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