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brina2350 California
well i love to go ghost haunting and chill with my friends at home.i hope someday god bless me and... More
Jennifer P. Mount Berry, Georgia
Hi! I'm 20, college junior, severely overweight, and wanting to change that! I love to read,... More
Jenna Smith California
Noted author and reporter shares tips to overcome Lyme disease, and enjoy super-charged energy... More
Felice W. STANFORD, California
I like being healthy. I try to go to gym at least twice a week. Most of time, I do the... More

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RhinoChill IntraNasal Body Cooling System To Launch From BeneChill With Help From Medtronic Subsidiary Physio-Control by Medical Quack Patient ExpertHealth Maven it for launch in the United States. Physio-Control and BeneChill will work together to launch the RhinoChill IntraNasal Cooling System in Europe. RhinoChill’s device distributes coolant via a catheter...
Unfortunately, that's not enough detail for me to give you much help except for some vague thoughts.  My main concern whenever I hear about chills is an infection, specifically a systemic one.  In other words...
trying i guess there out to lunch : \   Maybe they can do a phone you don't have to leave work if it turns out to be something minor? i cant :( stuck at work with noone to cover.. and boyfriend goes 2 work in 3
I'm not sure what you mean by a "chill."  If it's a more of a pain you probably ought to see... and drink -  and when - and notie the time for onset of the "chill.'  This might help you figure...
It might be anxiety, tjs11394. But it might be any number of things. Only a medical examination, perhaps with lab tests, will be able to determine this. Best wishes Ian
.  Do you have neuropathy too from the Lyme?  I have shaking all the time and I have chills at times during night when I move in bed.  For me, sweats the first part of the night, chills the second part.  Inner shaking...
with bad chills, a mild fever, anxiety, and feeling nausious.I also have pain in my abdomen during the day.... I get this about once a week. chills, aches, hurts to move eyes, feels just like the flu. I have a very through doctor...
Chills and Fever by Moshura's Sister Patient Expert . The chills are very aggressive followed by high fevers which has Doctors puzzled because the test... all night up with fever and chills. Physical Therapy took him for his walk and then arm movements. The took...
Chills by Hector and Jennifer V. Patient Expert This website I came across today just gave me the chills as I read his foreward. What an amazing project and an amazing man. Check it out....I'm Down With You

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