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White Spots On My Mouth

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White Spots on Teeth by Dr. Ellie Phillips Dr. Ellie, I am 30 and am starting to see white spots and streaks on my teeth. I have tried.... Is this dental fluorosis? What would cause it to show up now? Thank you, LC Hi LC, White spots...
White Spots on Teeth by Dr. Ellie Phillips about my daughter because she has white spots in her two new teeth (in front of the mouth). Searching... with her health ) and I would like to ask you the possible causes of the white spots and the further treatment...
White Spots on Teeth by Dr. Ellie Phillips the white spot? Regarding your offer to useCOMPLETE MOUTH CARE SYSTEMI tried to buy it via internet... that the ear infections and sleeping with an open mouth are to blame for the white spots. I would not worry...
White Spots by Dr. Ellie Phillips difference. Make sure your toothbrush is clean - and that you have the correct formula ACT mouth rinse...
).  Pimples are pus-filled infections.  Larger collections are called abscesses.  I suppose some white spots...White heads are typically either cysts or pimples.  The former shouldn't be painful, assuming...
to evalute the white spots.  Or you might want to ask for a second opinion, in which case you might consider...
The list is pretty extensive depending upon presence or absence of pain, fever, sexual activity, etc.  Best to check in w/your doc.
By "plaque" do you mean white matter hyperintensities, or neural plaques associated with Alzheimer's Disease? If the former, then yes, these have been linked to anxiety disorders (and depression...
Jaundice is serious.  That's why I suggested a full exam and blood lab work.  It's important to find what's causing the jaundice in order to know if it's reversible or not.  Jaundice, by itself, won't kill your cat...but, th
that may last for life. I would recommend you eat at least 6 grams of xylitol daily( to rid the mouth of plaque bacteria... - especially after meals. My other recommendation is a pH balanced, chlorine-dioxide mouth rinse called Closys. Do not add...

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Symptoms ... er the denture. In patients without dentures, white spots on the mouth and tongue are typical. These may join ... » Read on
Symptoms ... In babies, symptoms of oral thrush can include one or more white spots or patches in and around your baby's mouth. ... » Read on