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White Creamy Discharge

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Lisa, Since you haven't said exactly where you saw this "white creamy discharge," I am going to guess that it came from her anal glands.  Anal gland discharge can be just about any color...
It probably is your cervical mucus-- doing what it should do as your body gears for ovulation-   that is unless there is something barring that particular ablility
and this has never happened before  me also but i've had breast tenders, eating every 10minutes,with white creamy stuff.... clear white discharge is indicative of ovulation.. not pregnancy. The time...
. Creamy (the white) isn't fertile but the clear even if you see alot of white with some clear... God Bless you and the day you were born. The white...
negativen i hav a lil white discharge... this is the second tym its happening to me wen evr... i try to get pregnant this is happening if nt my periods r regular..... white discharge is a normal part...
Discharge is normal in pregnancy, and any time in a woman's cycle as those lovely hormones...
Hi there - Sounds to me like you could be starting early labor.  Call your OBGYN and share with him or her what you did with us.   Best of luck!
Without more info, hard to know what is going on. See your doctor to get checked out and see what is going on. Good luck. Keep us posted! Lynette Sheppard RN   Health Maven Menopause Goddess Blog http://www.menopausegodd
It was the 27th of August. I had intercourse on the 9th,10th, and 11th. My breast are still tender on the sides and around the nipple area; They feel mushy not firm like usual; and my lower ab near hair line area is tender as
Sticky to dry cervical mucus is not usually associated with pregnancy.

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