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This is Tony from Physicians Angels , we are a  Physician Cooperative founded ... More
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Using our expertise in oral surgery and dental techniques we aim to help chronic snorers and their... More
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It's possible that you have a subclinical digestive tract infection. Unless you have been having digestive problems, it's likely that your doctor would not test you for these. But even without digestive tract problems, it'
Counting White Blood Cells with a Portable Flow Cytometry Device by Bruce Friedman Patient Expert of the emissions for each detected cell, the device can generate highly accurate differential white blood cell... white blood cells caught my eye (see: Counting white blood cells at home ). Below is an excerpt...
Differential White Blood Cell Count Result by Rachel M. Patient Expert The result of the Differential White Blood Cell Count wasn’t there. Dr TL picked.... At the recent meeting, Dr TL told me the Differential White Blood Cell Count was normal. I tried not...
Super Duper Sick by Pamela B. Patient ExpertHealth Maven So Rhett's White Blood Cell count is 27 THOUSAND 5 HUNDRED. I kid you not. Anyone know what normal... is outrageously high. It also shows signs of bacteria somewhere. His chest xray looked "cloudy." Meaning...
Hi!  Thank you so much for writing! I am relieved that your blood work only shows the drop in white cell count -- with no other serious or "scary" implications.   I am glad you that have ruled...
High blood pressure linked to dementia in older women by Kathy J. Patient Expert elevated blood pressure – resulting in damage to the white matter served by those vessels. The brain’s white matter is composed of whitish myelin-coated axons (nerve cell appendages) that allow nerve cells...
CWD infected deer B cells and platelets harbor prion infectivity in the blood by Terry S. Patient Expert transmission via blood transfusion exists for many TSE diseases. Determining which cell phenotype(s...) blood infectivity is associated with the cellular vs. the cell-free/plasma fraction of blood, and (b...
Who Gets High Blood Pressure from Salt? by Dr. Gabe M. Medical Doctor who are most likely to get high blood pressure from taking in too much salt are those whose cells do not respond... to its receptors on the surface of cells can cause high blood sugar levels and high blood pressure. People...
Salt Storage Leads to High Blood Pressure by DiseaseProof Medical Doctor is regulated in our bodies by special white blood cells known as macrophages and within these macrophages... of lymphatic blood vessels. In the study, experts observed a high-salt diet causes lymphatic vessels...
White Blood Cells Mediate Insulin Resistance by Ed H. Doctor of Pharmacy , an abundant type of white blood cell typically tasked with attacking bacteria and other foreign invaders... inflammation, and can promote chronic inflammation by summoning other white blood cells called macrophages...

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Symptoms ... a cells. This affects the normal production of red blood cells, white blood cells and platelets, and creates a large amount of a ... » Read on
Why it is necessary ... test looks at all the different cells in your blood (red cells, white cells, and platelets), to look for conditions like infecti ... » Read on