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Panieoldeny California
Fibra detox is a practical tactic to complement fibra detox reviews. Clearly what I have is a... More
Horckue California
As a matter of fact, Derma Pure is the same in other parts of the world. That naturally defaults... More
Ostomyvisitor California
Hi, I'm Larry Pilarski... I'm a Colon Cancer survivor...  13 years ago I was having problems... More
I'm a work from home mom doing everything I can to keep my family healthy, even the pets. I've... More
Dr. Andrew Schneider Houston, Texas
They say “When your feet hurt, you hurt all over.”  This couldn’t be more... More

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What's Happening Right Now... by Karen Patient Expert Hey there! Time for a personal post – I’m constantly itching to do these but for the past few months (OK year) have rarely had the time to do so. So I thought  I would share some big stuff with you and s
What's Normal, What's Not: Messing with Mental Disorders is Messy by Dr. Polly Doctor of Philosophy What's normal? What's not? What's not normal enough to be a disorder? What's further evidence... be otherwised missed. What's got him so worried in the proposals for the new edition? ..."Attention deficit...
What's cool and what's not on AL ... by A. Brewster S. Patient Expert What's cool and what's not on ALL MY Children Babe and Josh are cool and JR will soon get the shaft-he deserves it! It's cool to see ole' Ryan and Kendall together-but not cool to separate Kendall...
What's Working and What's Not Working Wednesday... I can't so NO!!!! by Marci Patient Expert What's Working... *This past Sunday I raced the MoCo Road Runners Capital Crescent Run 5k... for both! What's Not Working... *I can't get myself to say no to extra hours at Barnes and Noble! Here's the deal...
Clothing: What's Eco, and What's Not by Diane Patient Expert than is needed to make them out of virgin plastic." So what's the worry? Plastic is still plastic...
"What's THE Key to Happiness?" "What's the Biggest Happiness Myth?" and Other Questions About Happiness. by Gretchen R. Patient Expert As an intellectual challenge, I often pose questions to myself like,"What's the key to happiness?" As Lytton Strachey observed, "Perhaps the best test of a man's intelligence is his capacity...
What's Narcissism, What's Abuse? by Dr. Tina Tessina, Phd "Dr. Romance" Doctor of Philosophy School, regular school and within the family and the neighborhood. We learn what's right and wrong...
Okay, so what's working and what's not... by Sleepless in Canada .. Patient Expert I would boil down the strategies to deal with sleep problems (in my case staying asleep) to these three: 1) Good sleep hygiene 2) Control your environment 3) Drug assistance For myself, I have been trying very
What's important, what's not in your plaque-control program by Dr. William D. Medical Doctor Sometimes it's hard to know what is really important in your plaque-control or plaque-reducing efforts. There are, indeed, crucial make-it-or-break-it factors that are necessary to gain control over plaque. If you hope t
Weight Gain in Pregnancy: What's Normal and What's Just Celebrities by Charlotte H. Patient Expert It's official: I am half way done with my pregnancy! With 20 weeks under my metaphorical belt - like I could get an actual belt on these days - and perhaps less to go if the universe loves me, I feel pretty excited about th

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