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are what? Pregnant? two days after ovulation would be entirely too soon for even conception to have occured
How did you determine when you ovulated (meaning: what method did you use)? And what was your intercourse timing like? Right now-based on the info you gave- you are only 10 DPO (days past ovulation...
15 days from that point.  It doesn't mean I am "late" it just means that my ovulation was delayed... I would be considered "late" and would take a pregnancy test.  Does that make sense? what does that mean...
having sex 4 days before ovulation, and I have a freind who got PG having sex 5 days before. Also.. Fertile cm can definitely occur five days before ovulation.  That is not true dayzofrain. Scientific studies...
 My Periods were delayed by 2 months and my ovulation occured after about 58 days, And now i am i wud like to knw that this very late ovulation would in any way affect my pregnancy...
thank you very much that is of some relive to hear that. thank you very much for the answer that is some relive. If you have taken tests and they are negative then at this point I would agree and say you are not pregnant.
but can also increase in the early weeks of pregnancy.  Where are you in your cycle (meaning how long... Ohh ok, I was under the impression that you took a home pregnancy test- which is why I asked...
cramps. What do that mean could I be pragnant? hi am yvonne i took a pregnancy test resently... and he used MAXORIN P1&P2 Herbal pregnancy drugs and he became pregnant and told me i can be pregnant...
indicates impending ovulation- not pregnancy... to get a pregnancy test. Sometimes the store bought test can't detect it yet. hi i was wondering same thing im a day...

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