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Trading Chicken Pox for Shingles? Vax Induced Disease Creates Demand for New Vax? by Kim S. Patient Expert seriously looking at how this new Chicken Pox vaccine from Merck may be about to cause a huge increase in Shingles... - chicken pox, instead of natural immunity. I am now weeks into this illness, minimal blisters...
The Pox or No that is the question by domesticextraordinaire Patient Expert Well, Chicken's fever finally broke today, well not entirely, but hey 99.2 F is a far cry..., but I think the red spots...there are two of them are definetly not the pox. So, bearing her body totally...
Should you have your child vaccinated for chicken pox? by Stephanie C. Patient ExpertHealth Maven I came down with the chicken pox a couple weeks ago. It suprised me when my friend... him to my virus. She, like many parents, is opposed to vaccinating for chicken pox. Immunization for chicken pox...
Disingenuous CDC Study Confirms Danger of Chicken-pox Vaccine by Kim S. Patient Expert ControlĀ  into the effectiveness of chicken-pox vaccine states in conclusion: Varicella vaccine...+. Continue reading "Disingenuous CDC Study Confirms Danger of Chicken-pox Vaccine" Ā» ...
Barbie Doll Circa 2000: With Chicken Pox by Kim S. Patient Expert As recently as 2000, chicken pox was not considered the plague, as evidenced... and then kissed it goodbye. Moms, and little girls playing Mommy, helped make the chicken pox disappear...
Measles and Chicken Pox: Entertainment or Epidemic by Kim S. Patient Expert "Most any child can have the mumps Or even German measles So here's a record of my health From Chicken Pox to sneezles!" Click on the photo to view it in full size. Use the "%" to scale it to...
Chicken Pox! by Julee Huy Patient Expert Maury: All done Katie Ann: Only had 2 + a vaccine Timothy: Has a lot + a vaccine Nathan: Has a good amount Josiah: Clear so far + a vaccine Here's Nathan, he's a scratcher and picker: Interesting not
MMR + Chicken Pox Vaccine = More Seizures by Ginger T. Patient Expert Getting the Merck MMRV (Measles, Mumps, Rubella, Chicken Pox combo vaccine), rather than the MMR and separate Chicken Pox vaccine, results in "slightly more" or more than double the seizures, depending...
Double Doses Of Chicken Pox Vaccine Most Effective by Ed H. Doctor of Pharmacy When vaccinating children against varicella (chicken pox), researchers at Yale School of Medicine have found, two doses are better than one. In fact, the odds of developing chicken pox were 95% lower in children...
"It's Chicken Pox - a Normal Childhood Illness." Arthur's Dad. by Kim S. Patient Expert 5:50 seconds into this clip Arthur's Dad says, "It's chicken pox." and reassures... have been taught to fear and loathe chicken pox - and now adults face shingles regularly because tots are not...

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Complications ... ng fetus is small, and it will often have no effect on the baby whatsoever. However, your child may develop shingles during the ... » Read on
Symptoms ... elbows, inner thighs and groin. The rash does not normally spread to the face, but the cheeks become flus ... » Read on