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You should call the doc and see if you have an infection
, these hemorrhoids can itch & burn from irritation and may bleed as well.  Both external & internal hemorrhoids... to pass stool since there was burning sensation. Yesterday, i consulted the family physician(I stay...
 i had yeast infection before but my ob prescribe me funzela and neo-penotran.  it goes away but after a couple of days some small itchy bumps appeared on my vagina and it's 2 weeks now it still didn't go away.  it's not std
Examining Candida Causes by Healthy Living .. Patient Expert when there is abnormal growth of yeast in the vagina that causes vaginal burning, itching and discharge... from the vagina that causes the area to itch. Experiencing pain during sexual intercourse and urination...
Got Urethral Pain? – Common Causes & Treatment Strategies by Jill O. Patient ExpertHealth Impact Award shares some of the many causes for urethral discomfort and offers tips on how to calm those oh so tender tissues. Causes of Urethral Pain Each time you are catheterized, undergo a bladder examination or...
Natural Remedies for Vaginal Yeast Infections by Sandy H. Healthy Living ProfessionalComplimentary & Alternative Medicine . Symptoms The most common symptoms are a burning or itching sensation, redness, soreness of the vaginal or vulval area. A vaginal discharge may or may not be present. Causes The vagina is normally inhabited...
Vaginal Yeast Infections: Cure Yeast Infections Now! by Lucy J. Patient Expert . So are the common signs of yeast infections? -Vaginal itching -Vaginal irritation -Thick, white, possibly curd-like vaginal discharge -Redness, swelling, and/or cracking of the vulvar skin -Burning sensation...
, and mucus in stool.  I'm not familiar with itching palms & feet plus skin turning red as being typical IBS..., certainly not to cause it to swell up to twice it's normal size.  I would strongly suggest...
How To Get Rid Of Vaginal Odor - Tips To Stop Bacterial Vaginosis by Healthy Living .. Patient Expert . Unpleasant vaginal odor is causes by an overgrowth of bacteria in the vagina and is commonly called Bacterial... and itching return-often with a vengeance! Natural methods to get rid of vaginal odor actually enhance...
Vaginal Yeast Infection Information by Lucy J. Patient Expert to undertake a Do you want relief from burning, itching, difficult urination and vaginal discharge? Why not... Vaginal yeast infection can be caused by wearing restrictive and or damp clothing, warm...

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Complications ... egnancy. For many women, the first indication of miscarriage is vaginal bleeding, or discharge, sometimes accompanied by abdomin ... » Read on
Symptoms ... Non-specific urethritis is an STD that affects men. It causes discomfort of the urethra (the tube that leads from the b ... » Read on