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What Causes Crawling Sensation In My Head

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Annie H. Shawnee, Kansas
Hello everyone! I am eighteen and heading off to college in the fall. I have had struggles with my... More
kimberlyshah Chicago, Illinois
Kimberly is a triathlon and marathon coach who works with athletes from beginner to... More
Wend B Chaska, Minnesota
I have 4 kids, I am currently working on Social Security Disabilty (finally at the court hearing... More
panamark boquete, PA
Mark Perren-Jones has worked and studied throughout the world?s health spas and health clinics. He... More
Abymccute Coatesville, Pennsylvania
25 yo mom of two boys 6 and 4, and I am really struggling to find some pupose and fullfillment. I... More

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Been tapering of Effexor for the past 10 month very, very slowly. Two days ago was the last dose, since then I suffer from sleeplessness, feeling very hot  and extreme body itching. Not knowing why? I finally came across your
pressure in the neck can cause headaches.  However it can cause other sensations too.  Pressure on one of the higher nerves can cause various sensations.  Pressure in the lower cervical nerves can cause tingling
I have been having the same sensation of something crawling under my scalp but it only appeared since I was diagnosed with a severe case of MRSA staph infection that was dangerously close to my brain. The sensation...
The SCM Muscle in the Neck, it doesn’t Typically Cause Neck Pain, But can cause a Slew of Neck Related Problems! by Nav J. Patient ExpertHealth MavenFacebook is responsible for specific neck and head motions and is split into two parts.   The interesting thing is that neither part sends pain to the neck, however, it can often cause jaw pain or pain that travels up into the head...
Is Back Pain all In Your Head or Does Back Pain Mess Up Your Head? by Dr. Eben Davis Doctor of Chiropracty : It is very frustrating for many patients with chronic back pain, for often times there appears to be no physical cause... that there is an effect for every cause, and a cause for every effect. Fortunately, because of my interest (and extensive...
The Kerb Crawling Charity Van Man by Laurachora Patient ExpertFacebook Thumping head aside the packing of the house has stalled till tomorrow. We move in 8 days... this morning for the school run the charity shop van was kerb crawling up our street. I almost flung...
Causes of the Common Cold in Babies by Debby H. Patient Expert in common beyond the obvious. With over 100 viruses that cause the common cold lurking about, the very real possibility of catching the common cold awaits babies no matter what the scenario. Knowing the causes...
The Causes of Severe Neck Pain Resulting from a Cervical Radiculopathy by Nav J. Patient ExpertHealth MavenFacebook deficits. What causes irritation or compression to the cervical nerve roots in the first place? Well there are three causes that I am going to discuss today: The most common cause of a cervical radiculopathy...
I Think the Colder Weather Caused my Neck to Hurt?? by Nav J. Patient ExpertHealth MavenFacebook about when you’re cold, you kind of curl-up, that head, neck and shoulders roll forward and most likely you end...
Are Trigger Points Causing your Neck and Upper Back Pain? by Nav J. Patient ExpertHealth MavenFacebook are tender to touch and sometimes they may even cause a pain elsewhere in the body- aka A Referred Pain... in this muscle refer to the forehead, above the eye, into the back of the head and behind the ear...

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Symptoms ... ude: an itchy feeling or a crawling sensation on the skin, ... » Read on
Symptoms ... he back of the kneecap (chondromalacia) and can cause a grating sensation in the knee. Runner's knee is due to repeated impact t ... » Read on