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months he pulls out sometimes and not others.. ovulation period is the first week of every month... on the answer.  Ovulation date, intercourse pattern.   The symptoms you describe can also be caused...
perimenopause and menopause PM&M for short!), but not necessarily.  Irregular periods are definitely on the list of symptoms – along with many more.   However, there are other things that can cause irregular periods...
.  It also depends upon when you expect your period.  If it was due on Saturday, then you might be pregnant.  But it could also be that your period changed this month due to stress.  It's common for young females to have their periods vary...
Anything that isn't normal for you is always a good reason to consult with your physican.
(PCOS) is a hormonal disorder that can cause missed or irregular periods, multiple cysts on the ovaries..., which are male hormones normally produced in small amounts in all women's bodies. The cause is unknown. PCOS...
you start a fresh cycle when you start to bleed.  It doesn't matter if you were late in starting and you don't count from when you expected your bleed to start but from the first day of full red flow.   By this point the t
I cannot speculate on that because you haven't provided the information that would help.   All I can say at this point is if you are concerned then a home pregnancy would probably be the most accurate answer.
Does At-Home LED Light Therapy Work?: Tanda Light Therapy Review by Nicki Z. Patient Expert biologist will tell you, humans love the light.  From the spotlight to the window seat to that sunny spot on the beach, we seek light wherever we go.  Luckily, unlike the UV light that can damage your skin, a new form...
Mothers can finally see the light by Tom D. Patient Expert The dark pall once cast over postpartum depression is becoming a bright light. The U.S. House... into law by President Obama, the legislation will support research into the causes, diagnoses...
you are fine I woke up this morning and started my period. Im already like two days late but i went... at ovulation or your luteal phase is short which would cause an issue with implantation). You can also check...

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Complications ... syndrome (PCOS). The treatment for this will vary depending on what has caused your periods to stop. Sometimes, hormone replace ... » Read on
Symptoms ... tite, sudden weight loss or gain, very infrequent, or light periods, or periods stopping altogether, infertility, ... » Read on