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Angus San Francisco, California
This blog relates our experience of living with a small child, our daughter, with Acute... More
TinaTurbin California
Tina Turbin became extremely interested and involved in the subjects of... More
kim m. nashville, Tennessee
i am a creative, thoughtful mentally ill human being. i write a blog focusing primarily on... More
PRmom Raleigh, North Carolina
I've spent my career working in the nonprofit world--currently for a child development research... More
Elizabeth Rex California
I am residential care provider of a profoundly autistic child. I acquired my M.Ed. in Special... More

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Just typical – social skills and the autistic child by Maddy M. Patient Expert hurts. When you see the real glee in the typical child’s eyes on arrival for a play date, your chest... to clock the social skills of your own children, as they attempt entertainment, joke telling, alternative...
Autistic Children of Earth: Have Autistic Children Been Sacrificed for the Greater Good? by Harold L D. Patient Expert about the intelligence, even the rationality, of parents whose concerns arise from observation of autistic... that these instances are rare, which may be true, but is of little consolation to the child affected, or his or...
Autistic Child Left on Hot School Bus - Time for No Child Left Behind to Mean Something by Harold L D. Patient Expert .  But it has not hit the 103 F(39.4 C) temperature in Richmond, Virginia this past Tuesday, the day an autistic boy... in the article Pair charged with leaving autistic boy on hot school bus : "The little boy...
Jenny McCarthy needs to learn: autistic is not psychotic or crazy by Kev Leitch Healthy Living ProfessionalHealth Maven : “Through a series of entertaining vignettes featuring a cast of kids (including Evan), puppets, and dolls, the DVDs... for educational videos targeting autistic kids. I can think of a number of parents of autistic kids...
This is true with my children as well. Just as they don't communicate positive things in a way that is similar to neurotypical children, they also don't communicate negative feelings in a normal way. My daughter actually does
Scott Shoemaker's "Autistic" Son and TD-DMSA by Pat S. Patient Expert for their "autistic" child and are trying to decide whether it is worth it, let me just say this. Do not listen... 29, 2005 in response to the post Dr. Buttar on IV EDTA Chelation and the Autistic Boy's Death...
Invisible Autistics by Harold L D. Patient Expert [Picture of 11 year old Conor Doherty, my buddy. Conor is a low functioning autistic person diagnosed with classic Autism Disorder, assessed as "severely autistic with profound developmental delays...
Dual Diagnosis: Autism and Down syndrome: The Post-Institutionalized Child by meredith Patient Expert of a post-institutionalized child Emma came to us in 2008 at 5 years old.  She was 17 lbs, severely..., which in the US is always repaired before age 1, and usually as soon as a child reaches 10 lbs.  Sooner if the child stops gaining...
Does Ari Ne'eman believe parents of low functioning autistic children want their kids to 'drop dead'? by Jonathan Mitchel Patient Expert I just came across this rather entertaining video on youtube in which Ari Ne'eman's position... is rather shocking. He states that the parents of low functioning autistic children wish their kids would 'drop dead...
8 Things I like about being autistic by Bev Patient Expert 1) Textured ceiling tiles. These can keep me entertained for half a day, if I let... and war. 5) Meeting other people who are autistic and having conversations in my language once...

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Treatment ... ple drawings of the activities, so that the child knows exactly what they will be doing and when. Many schools use sophisticated ... » Read on
Diagnosis ... needs. ASD may be difficult to diagnose as it can vary considerably from person to person. Individuals should ... » Read on