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TheFatGirl California
Shawn once weighed 266 pounds and felt horrible on a daily basis. Pains, aches and stressed... More
Abs Z. Pasadena,L.A., California
Hi everybody , I hope this post finds you in good health ! This's Abs .I'm a 27 yr old... More
jeann California
My real name is Jean, and I am a female, age 56.  I live in northeast Ohio, and I am... More
John D. California
Am a full time Carer for my Parents, have health problems, just had the artery behind both Knees... More

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I'm going to go out on a limb since you didn't finish your question and assume that both forearms have been bothering you since a "deep tissue massage".  It's possible that you might have sustained a spinal cord...
The Top 5 Best Forearm Exercises by Project Swole Patient Expert Every serious lifter would love to have massive forearms. It just adds... that most people have is that they aren’t sure how to attack their forearms. Either that, or they are not...
Front Squat Weak-Point: The Wrists by Mike R. Healthy Living Professional specific mobility in that area. Static stretching of the forearms can help as well, so try this stretch...
Weak Mind, Weak body and Weak Legs by Tekko Healthy Living Professional "2013 is significantly tougher than the 2011 and 2012 course in my opinion..which explains the jump in accumulated altitude gain as compared to the 2012 course.."  These words from the Race Director sends chill down my spi
weak and weak by Angie O. Patient Expert . However, he is incredibly weak. He is quiet and a tiny bit withdrawn. He is upset regarding all the "fussing... when he goes from point A to point B, he is weak, etc. He understands, but isn't happy...
Dear KM - Feeling tired and weak are very common symptoms that can be caused by a wide variety... and weakness.  One possible cause of exhaustion and weakness is Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS), an immune...
Have you been assessed by a doctor for the shortness of breath, anxiety and left arm symptoms? While the symptoms you are experiencing may all just be anxiety related, they could also indicate a purely physical problem. Neve
From your description it seems the leg tremors only occur in certain situations, i.e. in stores or public places, Lang. If so, then it is most probably anxiety related. The fact that you didn't have this symptom previously i
I can't say anything about your toes, but your mention of having every injury in the book caught my attention. How hard do you push yourself when you run? Injuries from running aren't normal and usually mean you're pushing yo
Antibiotics and Debt: Sources of Weakness by Seth Roberts .. Doctor of Philosophy the immune system weak or strong?” “No,” he said. You will look in vain for that topic in any epidemiology...

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Symptoms ... endon damage builds up. As the body tries to compensate for the weakness in the elbow, you may also get pain or stiffness in oth ... » Read on
Symptoms ... A faint is characterized by suddenly feeling weak and unsteady, before passing out for a short period of time ... » Read on