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PendulousThreads California
I am a 27 year old mother of two. I have central core disease (muscle weakness), and I am almost... More
jackie California
i am 54 i have been suffering with depression for years at the age of eight i was paralyzed with a... More
Ann G. Fort Worth, Texas
Sufferer of chronic intractable pain for over 20 yrs. Severe spinal issues, fibromyalgia,... More
TONI crestview, Florida
   i live in the panhandle of florida. i have been on disablity for 18 years for... More
littleb California
I am your average 20-something, adjusting to life outside of college and inside the corporate... More

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Facts and Fiction about Bladder Weakness by Allanda .. Patient Expert Tweet Dealing with bladder weakness is much simpler than many people think. By learning... are used instead. 1. Fact or Fiction: Bladder weakness basically means you’re unclean? Fiction. No one...
An In-depth Look at Male Bladder Weakness by Allanda .. Patient Expert Tweet Despite what many people think incontinence and bladder weakness is not a women’s... it a disease. For me incontinence and bladder weakness are a condition that if diagnosed and treated properly...
Men urged to exercise to reduce bladder weakness by Allanda .. Patient Expert in order to improve their overall health and help manage conditions such as bladder weakness. Recent... in three dreaded the thought of developing bladder weakness or male incontinence . Dr Hilary Jones...
Prostate Cancer and Bladder Weakness by Allanda .. Patient Expert in Flax Source: Ask Men A common side-effect of prostate cancer is bladder weakness ; currently... is aimed to support men with prostate problems, whilst highlighting possible side effects, such as bladder...
Men with bladder weakness urged to seek out Tena incontinence products by Allanda .. Patient Expert for women , but there are also products available for men with bladder weakness. According to an article... with bladder weakness can take a number of steps to manage the problem, including steering clear of caffeinated...
Bladder incontinence is when you are not able to keep urine from leaking from your urethra.  There are a few forms of bladder incontinence, it can range from an occasional leakage of urine to the inability
5 Ways to Prevent Bladder Leakage by Brett - Sheer Balance Healthy Living ProfessionalHealth Maven increases the likelihood of weak pelvic floor muscles and can also worsen bladder weakness... juice and cranberry juice. Use Some Safeguards: Bladder weakness affects one out of four women...
Clothing can affect incontinence and bladder conditions according to TENA by Allanda .. Patient Expert Fashionable tight-fitting jeans can cause bladder weakness and long- term health consequences... their health. Wearing skinny or ill-fitting jeans can lead to bladder weakness as a longer-term consequence...
Bladder Infection Symptoms: Someone's playing your trombone, seriously! by FitBuff Brandon Patient Expert and colonizes itself in your bladder, you won't be jumping around for joy when you take a piss alright. And there's won't be any laughing when they're "playing your trombone", if you know what I mean… Bladder...
Bladder Infection Symptoms – No time to be "pissing around" by FitBuff Brandon Patient Expert , can cause pain in the same region, and which is what we will look at today. What is a Bladder Infection... when there is an inflammation of the bladder. At least 20 % of women experience this condition once in their lives but men...

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Introduction ... ess incontinence - occurs when the pelvic floor muscles are too weak to prevent urination. Urge incontinence - is thought ... » Read on
Complications ... some cases, urethra, drop down into the entrance of the vagina. Weak pelvic floor muscles often contribute to the problem. Prola ... » Read on