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Philip H. Cupertino, California
Avid fencer a while back (recreation, competition and coach) 23+ years. Other sports included... More
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"How I Love to Garden" is the theme of my blog which aims to inform and inspire anyone... More
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I'm in awe of the wonders of the universe, curious about pretty much everything, and passionate... More
MO COPD Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
My name is MO and I am a 48 year old woman from Philadelphia, PA. I was diagnosed with... More
Erica P. Colorado Springs, Colorado
I'm an ER nurse, a single mom, a writer, an editor, and the poster child for ADD. I drink too... More

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Cold Water Therapy by Mark S. Healthy Living Professional ) indeed. The underlying premise of cold water therapy is that briefly and somewhat regularly exposing the body to certain kinds of natural stresses (like cold water) can enhance health.Promoters of cold water therapy say...
The Water Therapy by Methods of Healing Patient ExpertComplimentary & Alternative Medicine Nowadays in Japan to drink water immediately after waking up every morning is very popular. Furthermore, scientific tests have proven its value. The Water Treatment
Water Therapy by Romelette L. Patient Expert the toxins. This week, I started on doing water therapy. Nothing big. It’s just that I drink 1.5L of water... on my foot is there for about a week. Now both are gone. Is it because of water therapy? I am not yet sure...
Water therapy and back pain by jasmine a. Patient Expert to check if this is OK for you to do with your health care provider first. Water therapy can be very beneficial to back pain and sciatic pain sufferers. Some people will need a proper organised water therapy...
Conor's Water Balloon Therapy by Harold L D. Patient Expert Conor seemed a bit worn out driving home from school yesterday, at the end of the week, until he got home and found some water balloons! autism Sphere: Related
Water, water, water. Immune benefits in multiple ways. by Craig At Balanced Immune Health Healthy Living Professional about something called “ cold water therapy .” That means swimming in chilly water, or taking a very brief shower in cold water. Or, finishing a hot show with 30 or 40 seconds of cold water. Many claim that cold water therapy...
Watering Vegetables: Critical Watering Times by Steve .. Patient Expert Water is essential for vegetable growth. Vegetables are mostly water: an ear of corn is 70 percent water, a potato is 80 percent water, and a tomato is 95 percent water. Vegetables will not grow...
You "Ask", I Answer: Vitamin Water/Flavored Water by Andy B. Healthy Living Professional While VitaminWater itself does have sugar, it doesn't have high fructose corn syrup, and the sugar it does have isn't much, compared to most soft drinks. Additionally, Glaceau makes FruitWater...
Water: Refreshing, Right? What's the Urgent Need for Vitamin-Spiked Sugar Water, Even if It's Promoted by 50 Cent? by Connie Bennett Healthy Living Professional deal to promote the highly successful sugary, Vitamin Water to adoring fans and others? What do you think? Incidentally, Vitamin Water is now in bed with Coke. The beverage giant Coca Cola purchased...
Watering and Water Content of Vegetables by Steve .. Patient Expert Vegetable crops need 1 inch of water each week--as a general rule of thumb; this is the equivalent of about ½ gallon of water or slightly more per square foot of garden. Some crops need more water, and some need...

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Treatment ... and that they may not work for everyone. Warm water therapy, such as swimming, gentle exercises in a warm pool ... » Read on
Treatment ... The application of local heat (hot water bottles, baths, heat rub creams, heat lamps, ice gels) may ... » Read on