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Hello! I am a chiropractor and health food store owner in a rural area about an hour and half... More
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Recently I was looking for some hospitalist jobs to submit my resume to, though I found it very... More
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I am a single mother of one 13-year-old son. I am a professional performing artist and folk... More
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That is how to end beingdisquieted all the time touching on Movado Watches. I'm going to point out... More
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I am a 28 year old Celiac that L-O-V-E-S beer.....In the past 4 years I have gained a good 60 to... More

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Obesity Shocker! Kids Are Getting Fatter Watching TV by Lucy J. Patient Expert extensive research into obesity and it’s causes and found out one common factor to explain obesity in kids... of the TV to play or watch DVD’s but rather than disturb their viewing to eat you give them their food...
FCC to Study Link Between TV Watching & Rise in Obesity by Connie Bennett Healthy Living Professional Here's another fascinating item. The Federal Communications Commission plans to study the link between all that TV watching and the rise in obesity, the AP reported. The FCC even made a whole official...
Watching TV May Increase Blood Pressure Among Obese Children! by Ng Peng Hock Patient Expert . This is because obesity has long been identified as a risk factor for developing heart disease. Watching TV... to the rising blood pressure. The study found that obese children who watched 2 to 4 hours of TV each day...
What If Obesity Is the Symptom Not the Disease? [The Research Answer to the Question of Whether You Can Be "Healthy Obese"] by Charlotte H. Patient Expert herself to get that way. “If she’d just watch what she ate and exercised a little she wouldn’t be in this position... is like so many countless other doctor interactions with obese patients – sad, too common, and not terribly helpful...
Obese Parents = Obese Children by k Patient Expert that are obese and their parents are obese as well. Not only adolescent teens but pre-adolescent children.... If parents eat unhealthy and don’t do much more than sit on their butts and watch television than their kids...
Watch Out Your Belly Fat! by Ng Peng Hock Patient Expert Overweight or obese persons might be likely victims of heart disease. But normal weight people who carry extra fat around their belly could have a higher risk of dying from heart disease than the obese...
Watch your junk food by Kiwi Patient Expert obesity often point a finger at television, saying kids who spend a lot of time in front of the tube... for obesity. Just how many ads do kids see every day? Here are some startling stats from the Kaiser Family...
Unhealthy Snacks, Sodas, and TV Watching- A Threat to Childhood Health by Baby Mum-Mum .. Patient Expert found that much like the US, the culprit behind the rising obesity rates in Europe can be attributed to unhealthy snacks and watching too much [...] ... We’ve certainly heard enough about the childhood obesity epidemic in the United States
Killer at Large - Why Obesity is America's Greatest Threat - Movie Review by Robin P. Patient ExpertHealth Maven I just watched Killer at Large- Why Obesity is America's Greatest Threat. It was very eye opening even when I try so very hard to feed my family Real Food! Right away I watched in disbelief...
How to solve the epidemic of childhood obesity and disease... by Mark Hyman, M.D. Medical Doctor percent of all childhood obesity can be attributed to watching TV. For every hour of TV watched, weight... is a manifesto that provides a solution to our frightening epidemic of childhood obesity and disease...

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Causes ... cars to get around. When it is time to relax, we tend to watch TV, or play computer games, and rarely take any regular exercise ... » Read on
Causes ... Other conditions , such as pregnancy, obesity, and diabetes mellitus are sometimes associated with car ... » Read on