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Jeff C. Orange County, California
I am a Professionally Certified Life Coach, Radio Show Host, Motivational Speaker, Group... More
AANOS Las Vegas, Nevada
The American Academy of Neurological and Orthopaedic Surgeons is a scientific... More
Cathy San Francisco, California
My name is Cathy Wilson and I had RNY Lap gastric bypass surgery in 2001. I've lost 147 pounds. In... More
Jul Lake Elsinore, California
I am 55 years old, used to be active, but now with DDD I am not as active as I would like to... More
Derrick Menlo Park, California
I am 55 years old and overweight, I was once very much into most all sports. After having surgery... More

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Learning about Warts And How to Remove Them by Healthy Living .. Patient Expert , eliminating warts is commonly extremely complicated with the common solutions consisting of surgery, or... to do mole warts removal , what makes things even worse is it does not matter the way you remove warts you’re...
FDA Warns Pharmacists of Eye and Wart Remover Drug Mix-Ups by Elizabeth Leis Patient Expert and wart removal medicine mixed up? This actually happened when a pharmacist confused Durezol, an FDA-approved eye medicine used to reduce swelling and pain, with Durasal, a wart remover medicine that contains...
The best person/physician to comment on chances of dying from any given procedure is the person/physician who's recommending said procedure.  Ask him/her what you just did above.  Ask about alternatives and the risk associat
I am so sorry, you are having to deal with this again. It is never normal to bleed from your nipples. I strongly suggest you see your doctor as soon as you can.  It may be nothing, but it definately need to be looked at Go
question, it seems to me as a layman, why did the surgery cause the swelling? To answer your question...
What type of hernia was repaired?  Can you provide a better description of the black lump you are now seeing?  Then, perhaps a better answer will be possible. Helpful Buckeye
Sometimes the swelling of healing will cause a pressure that temporarily interferes with sensation traveling through the surgery site.  Call you surgeon and ask if you should come in for a post-operative
Biodegradable Bone Screws Eliminate Surgery to Remove Them – Fraunhofer Institute by Medical Quack Patient ExpertHealth Maven .  It certainly beats a second surgery to remove the pins and screws put in place.  BD    Knee ligament... or stainless steel screw. Unfortunately, after a certain time another surgery is required to remove...
George Clooney Plastic Surgery, Eye Bag Removal by Jennifer D. Healthy Living Professional than it did when I was in my 20s or 30s." George Clooney cosmetic surgery (eye bag removal) The above photo points... Did George Clooney have had cosmetic surgery? This is been a secret for all those who wants...
Eye Bag Removal Surgery (Blepharoplasty) by Jennifer D. Healthy Living Professional such as a facelift. Eye Bag Removal Surgery (Blepharoplasty) Eye Bag Removal Surgery Procedure For the upper... are usually removed after 5 days. Scars will form as a result of the surgery. Overall these scars heal relatively well...

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Treatment Most warts clear up without treatment, although this can take up to t ... » Read on
Introduction ... improving the appearance of birthmarks, moles, scars, tattoos, warts, cholesterol skin deposition (xanthelasmas) and other blem ... » Read on