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Walk From Obesity by Diane S. Healthy Living Professional Since obesity was a very big---pardon the pun---part of my life for so many years... and treatment of the life-threatening disease of obesity. Since its inception, the Walk from Obesity...
86% Overweight and Obese by the year 2030 by Jayson H. Registered Dietician   That’s right.    By the year 2030 86% of Americans could be overweight or obese by the year 2030.   Currently Americans are at almost 67% so in 21 years the overweight epidemic will rise...
2 Years on Jenny Craig Maintenance, 1 Year in the National Weight Control Registry by Dr. Laura F. Doctor of Philosophy It’s August again, which means that I have reached my 2 year mark on Jenny Craig maintenance. That means that I reached my goal weight 2 years ago, after losing 77 pounds in about 10 months...
Obesity - Run, before it catches you! by Nick B. Patient Expert of them are obese. Obesity has become the modern world’s biggest health ailment with over 9000 deaths a year..., ‘by default’. Since last 25 years, the cases of obesity have almost quadrupled and 2/3 rd of UK adults...
Obesity Awareness: Are We Numb? by Roni N. Patient Expert they increase the stigma of being obese, and I want to challenge them on my walk, not perpetuate... When you blog consistently for 8 years, funny stuff start to happen, like people sending...
Over 66% Of Americans Are Obese Or Overweight by Len S. Patient Expert a non-profit organization called Fight Obesity Walk. Their mission is to help adults and children.... Dr. Amin says, “We are organizing our 1st 5K Fight Obesity Walk right now. It will be held at Irvine...
What’s new in obesity prevention by Dr. Marion Nestle Doctor of Philosophy Reports about what to do about obesity in adults and children are coming out one after another. The HSC Foundation has produced Fighting Obesity: What Works, What’s Promising? (click on Fighting Obesity...
It is great to hear that you are walking. Because you haven't been active in over a year, you may experience soreness because you have to retrain the muscles even for a simple activites such as walking
Why do you think you need creatine? Creatine is usually for people doing weight training or particpating in sports or events that require bursts of effort. If you are considering taking it, be sure you discuss it with your ph
Dear HappyGappy, I am sorry to hear about the lower back pain you are suffering with. It appears that your pain is interfering with your activities of daily living. Have you tried minimally exercises such as swimming? How abo

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Prevention ... lth benefits. For example, if you manage to stop smoking for 10 years, your risk of developing lung cancer will be cut by 50%. ... » Read on
Prevention ... The best way to prevent becoming overweight, or obese, is by eating healthily and exercise regularly. As obese c ... » Read on