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Mia Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
I'm a wife and mother who used to work outside the home part-time but now due to the special... More
davedandinfused London, UK
In April 2008 I had the first inkling something was wrong when I temporarily lost all feeling... More
belliebacon California
So happy I found this website, I’m looking forward to expanding my network and connecting... More
Onsite Massage Co Newport, UK
On Site Massage Co came across a common problem; patients complaining of back pain and posture... More
chattey2 orlando, Florida
I am a 64yr old white female.  Diagnosed with  moderate-severe emphysema 2 yrs... More

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Waist size, not BMI, best predicts cardiovascular risk in children by Dr. John Z. Medical Doctor - Waist circumference (or waist size), rather than the commonly used body mass index measure (BMI... of body composition measures and found that waist circumference seems to be the best measure to predict...
Belly Fat and Stroke Risk and Waist Measurement by Dr. Jonny B. Doctor of Philosophy and nutritionally minded docs have long used the "rule of thumb" that a waist measurement of greater than 35... from diabetes to heart disease to cancer. And if obesity is redefined using Waist-to-Hip measurement instead...
Waistline Measurements Could Be Better Than BMI by Lucy J. Patient Expert /waistline-measurements-could-be-bette. Still using complicated BMI calculations? You may need... for your health, the best way to find out is to place a tape measure around the waist and simply measure...
BMI vs. Waist-Hip Ratio by Logan F. Healthy Living Professional to get your answer. Just a simple cloth tape measure. Here's how to do it. Measure the circumference of your waist... M uch has been written lately about the deficiencies of the Body Mass Index (BMI) for determining...
Waist-hip Ratio Better Than BMI ... by Dr. Rubens D. Medical Doctor Waist-hip Ratio Better Than BMI For Gauging Obesity In Elderly Body mass index (BMI) readings... proportions on which BMI is based. "Basically, it isn't BMI that matters in older adults it's waist size...
Waistline Measurements Could Be Better Than BMI by Lucy J. Patient Expert Still using complicated BMI calculations? You may need to find the old fashioned measuring tape... to find out is to place a tape measure around the waist and simply measure it. A study by Danish [...]
Body Composition: BMI vs. Waist Size by Fiona G. Healthy Living Professional to other measurements (BMI, waist-to-hip ratio, and waist-to-height ratio), waist size was a consistent predictor... often used Body Mass Index (BMI)--a ratio of height and weight--to determine whether a person's weight is healthy...
Different Method To Measure Overweight In Metabolic Syndrome by Ng Peng Hock Patient Expert Body mass index (BMI) is no doubt a good way to measure overweight. In 1947... elsewhere. For this reason, most definitions of the metabolic syndrome use the waist circumference instead of body mass index. ...
Find out how you measure up By S... by Jeff C. Healthy Living Professional . It also doesn't measure visceral fat, which may be more significant to overall health than knowing one's BMI... too. Don't assume you're too fat around the middle — or just fine — without measuring your waist...
How do you measure your health? by Brett - Sheer Balance Healthy Living ProfessionalHealth Maven , and each has its own drawbacks.    Body Mass Index (BMI):  Body Mass Index is a statistical measure of the weight..., specifically, there seems to be so many tests and numbers and equations that you can use, that it can be daunting.  How do you know what measure...

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Definition ... re are described as morbidly obese. Your BMI, waist circumference, and ethnic group, may all help your doctor, ... » Read on
Prevention ... npatients are weighed, measured and have their Body Mass Index (BMI) calculated, and that this is repeated weekly. ... » Read on