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me if I had my daughter vaginal or C-section in which I had her vaginal.  I haven't had a period for over a year and started spotting about a month ago.  The Dr. said I was definitely menopausal and should be on hormones...
Comprehensive Info Pure Vaginal Candidiasis Remedies – 3 Valuable Remedies To your Vaginal Candidiasis by Movements Afoot Healthy Living Professional normally assault the spots ion our body that is without a doubt moist and even warm! The areas could possibly be underarms, in babies within mouth and even diaper spots, female reproductive irritation in female...
Am 24, and I did read about  the brown spotting could mean that you could be getting your period I still have not gotten my period. I am going for  a test this week so hopefully I find out what going on, Thank...
for a diagnosis and possible treatment.  The list of possibilities is vast.  If you're describing red spots... infection of hair follicles.  If you have (had) a sexual partner and you're describing sore spots...
Q&A Session at by Alvin B. Lin Medical DoctorHealth Maven I have a dark brown discharge after my period, lasting around 3 days and i now have lower abdominal pain? Follow @alvinblin
on a sanitary napkin or pad - quarter size?  Dollar size spot? soaked after x hrs?) Are the bleeding...
that i dont pre ejaculate, but shes concerned. shes not spotting... there is still the probability that semen did enter her vaginal canal ...
Can I be pregnant and still have vaginal bleeding? by April G. Yes. Up to 25 percent of pregnant women have light vaginal bleeding, or spotting, during the first... bleeding. Also, many women have spotting after a pelvic exam. Miscarriage: Vaginal bleeding in the first...
Is pH Balance Important For Your Sweet Spot? by Sarah B. Patient Expert everyone can have the same pH balance (vaginal or any other kind)? What IS pH balance? What does it do? (they do a terrible job.... (If you want to learn more, here’s a nicely written article on proper vaginal pH...

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Risks ... oms of a uterine infection include lower abdominal pain, fever, vaginal discharge, or continued vaginal bleeding or spotting. Mi ... » Read on
Symptoms ... cystitis, a change in the vaginal discharge, or mild lower abdominal ... » Read on