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Polyps by Dr. Fred Licciardi Medical Doctor and behold, a day before her hCG, a couple of polyps were discovered in her uterus. They were just under 1 cm each. We had a few of options. First we could have canceled the cycle, removed the polyps, and restarted a cycle...
A polyp is just an outgrowth.  Think of it as something typically dangling although some can be flat.  Sessile means flat.  So you have a flat outgrowth.  Polyps can either be benign (safe, non...
Doctor Branded Woman's Uterus During Surgery–Lawsuit in the OC With Putting Her Name on the Removed Organ by Medical Quack Patient ExpertHealth Maven name on her removed uterus, an unorthodox move that the doctor calls a “friendly gesture... used an “electrocautery device to carve and burn” the word “Ingrid” on her uterus, which was removed during a June 2009...
Octo-Mom Back in the Hospital to Remove Uterine Tumors and Kaiser Gets Fined Over Privacy by Medical Quack Patient ExpertHealth Maven to remove fibroids -- benign muscular tumors that grow in the wall of the uterus -- Suleman's mother, Angela... Well my opinion only but with the amount of children she now has, get rid of the uterus...
Definitely ask your surgeon because he will know whether or not there are any complications that warrant a longer hospital stay for you. So write down all your questions and meet with your surgeon beforehand to find out exact
Natural Skin Tag Removal With String by Healthy Living .. Patient Expert which can now be removed through various methods. It doesn’t really matter if your skin is white, pinkish, brown, or black... to remove skin tags off of the body is simply to snip them off with a pair of fingernail clippers...
Just get the fibroids out by Tina C. Naturopathic DoctorHealth MavenComplimentary & Alternative Medicine than this, it can be more difficult. Keep your uterus For women considering surgery to remove fibroids, be aware that you do not need to get your uterus removed in many cases. The fibroids can often be removed...
Smooth... by Lynn B. Patient Expert The Dr removed a large polyp from the lining of my uterus yesterday and said it was smooth... him what he meant by "large" polyp and he said, "Like the size of a Mike n Ike's candy." I love a funny doctor
Does the Tagaway Skin Tag remover really work? by Sarah B. Patient Expert Tara’s torn up about tags…I have a skin tag on my neck and when the neckline of my blouse rubs against it,  it drives me crazy. I keep seeing this TagAway product at my local Walgreens. Is
The margin is pretty low when it comes to pregnancy after tubal removal... the possibility though I would assume is still there if you have functioning ovaries BUT should a pregnancy happen it wouldn't be in the uterus   That is as far as I know

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Why it is necessary ... terine device (IUD) that has become embedded in the wall of the uterus, adenomyosis (where the inner lining ... » Read on
Diagnosis ... ation of your vagina using the fingers to identify whether your uterus , or ovaries , are tender or enlarged. ... » Read on