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Holli Beaumont, Texas
I am mommy to one son, Austin, who was diagnosed with a catastrophic form of epilepsy known as... More
McNulty Family California
We married in July of 2003. After a painful battle with infertility we became pregnant with... More
Heartsaflutter California
I am a 52 year old female with rapidly declining health.  I was diagnosed with probable MS... More
Dana Lynn G. Woodside, California
I am married and 3 months pregnant, yaaaay!!!. I am over 35 so I am concentrating on optimal... More
ClaireRiskin Sydney, AU
Ovarian Cyst While Pregnant Information

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.  So again- no you cannot get pregnant on your period UNLESS you bleed for between 8-10 days (this does not include spotting).  Only then will a womans fertile woman actually play a role so close to cessation of bleeding yes you can get pregnant...
The first time I read through your question I missed where you said you had a period a week prior and I am sorry for that.   If that is true (and your bleed was normal for you) then no you aren't pregnant...
FYI: a healthy couple with no known fertility issues and perfect timing still have only approx. 25% chance of conception per cycle.    So since you know what your timing was I would say that you'd be the best judge of wha
day of menstration is day 1) then yes, you could be pregnant.   However, if we want to be pregnant... of yourself.  Drink lots of water, exercise, take your vitamins - prenatal - if you are trying to get pregnant...
would there be any situation early in this cycle that would have delayed ovulation?  Such as stress, illness, antibiotics- basically anything that makes the body work harder. Have you taken a pregnancy test? that would b
Yes, you can still get pregnant, even with a thin uterus lining, as long as you engage..., and if you're interested in getting pregnant, talk to your family physician about starting on some prenatal...
The first test may have been negative befcause it was too early to take the pregnancy test.  If you've had more positive pregnancy tests, then you are very likely pregnant.  Go to the doctor
have you taken a home pregnancy test?
You will need a procedure to by pass your tubes (or lack of them) so IVF is going to be your best (and probably only) option unless you consider surrogacy
It wont effect you to get pregnant but will effect when it comes to delivering the baby. My gf... cm and had to have C-Sections both times cause of a risk of the baby getting stuck. So if you get pregnant with a small...

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Treatment ... ou may be prescribed medication called gabapentin. Muscle spasms and spasicity Muscle spasms and spasicity can be im ... » Read on
Complications ... of calcium can cause muscles to contract tightly and painfully (spasms). This is called tetany. Lack of calcium and vitamin D ca ... » Read on