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to empty your bladder when you urinate. As a result, you have a constant or frequent dribble of urine... incontinence, urine may leak because of the extra pressure on the bladder when you cough, sneeze, laugh...
Q&A Session at by Alvin B. Lin Medical DoctorHealth Maven What does it mean if i star to not be able to hold in urine, i don't pee all over my self but do have some urine leak out Follow @alvinblin
If Noah can dribble a soccer ball, I can rework my resume by Kevin L. Patient Expert Every time I see Noah in Austin, I pick up one of his little play basketballs and dribble. For Christmas, we bought him a little mini basketball goal and so when I went down this past weekend...
PUDDLES OF URINE.... by Helpful Buckeye Doctor of Veterinary MedicineHealth Maven dogs may leave a pool of urine where they have been lying or they may dribble urine while walking... puddles of urine around the house. There are a lot of reasons for why this happens and the solutions...
This depends on how she's urinating on herself. When some females mature and especially if stressed in their environments, they may start lifting their legs to urinate like males to mark...
leaking urine in his sleep, that's medical. If it's behavioral, you can try thoroughly cleaning the area..., they'll urinate in specific places in an attempt to frighten off perceived threats so they don't...
neobladder still leaks on by Neo-Conduit Patient Expert I was totally bummed out and didn't want to share this. The leaking has no rhyme or reason... and tape and pretend all is well...but it isn't. It will leak at 350 mils, 300 mils, sometimes up to 450...
A ribbon tied to my bladder ended my embarrassing leaks by Allanda .. Patient Expert with urge incontinence feel an urgent desire to go to the lavatory and may leak if they do not get there in time, while stress incontinence causes urine to leak when there is extra pressure...
Good A1C, but still leaking sugars from the kidneys by Anil Patient Expert I visited the doctor a few days ago. He ran some blood and urine tests. Results were interesting - A1C - 6.6 Ya, I was expecting higher. But seems like there was sugar in the urine. so it means...

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Symptoms ... continence is a loss of bladder control that causes you to pass urine when you do not mean to. However, when and how this happen ... » Read on
Treatment ... dder, underneath your urethra, in order to support it, and stop urine from leaking out. Alternatively, tissue from another part ... » Read on