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Urinary Track White Sticky Jelly Discharge

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I'm kind of having the same problem. My period was 5 days late and when it arrived it seemed to be joined by a UTI. The period only lasted two days but the UTI has continued. Currently taking antibiotics so hopefully that wi
Lisa, Since you haven't said exactly where you saw this "white creamy discharge," I am going to guess that it came from her anal glands.  Anal gland discharge can be just about any color...
Eggwhite discharge is a sign of pending ovulation and being in your fertile window... as early pregnancy.   Are you tracking your ovulation?  what method are you using? ...
Uterine Fibroids: Freedom to Wear White by Barbara Ficarra Registered NurseHealth Maven recovery and was discharged home that same day. “I feel great,” she stated. She was back to work.... They also can have sexual dysfunction (exs. loss of libido, loss of orgasm) or urinary incontinence. The lack of awareness...
Tear staining is common in Bichons and many other breeds. It just shows more on the white breeds...-green) or if there is a lot of redness to the "whites" of the eyes, you should have your dog examined...
Face white white, legs like jelly by Tekko Healthy Living Professional there, she said my face was all white like I seen a ghost. Luckily she didn’t notice the legs shaking. The legs were quavering like jelly and I had to hold on to the pillar for support while pretending to do some stretches...
negativen i hav a lil white discharge... this is the second tym its happening to me wen evr... i try to get pregnant this is happening if nt my periods r regular..... white discharge is a normal part...
Let me ask you this, what are you feeding your dog? How often do you vaccinate? Does you dog receive all the vaccines?  
Discharge is normal in pregnancy, and any time in a woman's cycle as those lovely hormones...
Dear Marilyn, So many things can cause discharge like you describe: infection, breakthrough bleeding, and more. It's best to see your MD and get it checked out to rule out anything serious or...

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