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kelz_p Upper Marlboro, Maryland
I was diagnosed in November of 2005 with metabolic syndrome. I was overweight, had high... More
Imelda California
Erin Burns California
I'm living my dream. I have a soft spot for Sapphire martinis. I Google everything. I have Ab... More
Darleen C. Upper Caboolture, AU

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Sorry, but I'm not clear as to what happened.  You were wrestling or resting?  Perhaps you strained or tore a muscle during your competition?  Perhaps your teste torsed or twisted on its axis.  Unfortunately, there's not enou
is please let me know. i also have experienced those awful upper leg cramps. i dont know what they are or... massaging. the upper leg cramp lasts approximately 2 minutes sometimes.i just sit on my bed and move my leg...
OUCH!!!! My hips, thighs, and adductor muscles are cramping! by Rachel M. Patient Expert Coming off a huge weekend of yoga (actual practice time is upwards of 4.5 hours in two days), I can only say that I am seriously the problem child of the class. Not in a bad way, but in a way that I am now longer anonymous.
and have had fibromyalgia for 20 years. I have been having excruciating upper thigh and hip pain at night for over a year... as well. I am 40 years old, and my legs are so tired and hurt. The upper part of my thighs ache...
Yikes!  Best for you to chat w/your gynecologist & anesthesiologist about this!  For just about any surgery these days, we'll place a grounding pad (or something like that) on you that's held on by adhesive.  So it's possibl
.  Burning pain in upper outside thigh - starts at hip and goes down my leg.  Walking any distance... me there was nothing more she could do for me. I am sure that meralgia paresthetica is what I have. I have it on both thighs, although one side...
You may have a hip-joint problem (arthritis). See an orthopedist and have an X-ray done, or he'll decide what you need.
Ears and Thighs by Judith L. Patient Expert over, but without having had the benefit of the alcohol. Then in the middle of the night I awoke with cramps in my inner thighs. You'd think that with the exercises I do specifically for this part of my body that I would avoid these cramps...
Your muscles are experiencing delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) which is the pain and stiffness in your thights.   You can experience this soreness anywhere from 24 to 72 hours after your workout.   If you continue to do
A Fixin’ Your Thighs – Inner Thigh Lift by Dr. John D. Medical DoctorHealth Maven of what thigh lifts can (and cannot) do was appropriate. Many plastic surgeons look at thigh lifts with a degree... can be a big job. The amount of excess skin that so unattractively giggles in the inner thigh...

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Symptoms ... adult-like in appearance, but it will not spread to your inner thigh. Girls will usually experience their first period by T ... » Read on
Why it is necessary ... ly two joints: The major joint is between the thigh bone of the upper leg (femur), and the shin bone of the lower leg (tibia). T ... » Read on