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Upper Middle Abdomen Spots

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here are a list of all skin conditions that give red spots or blushes on skin.  Normally right diagnosis of red spots disorder is relatively difficult without seeing them.  Because in written form...
Q&A Session at by Alvin B. Lin Medical DoctorHealth Maven I noticed a bump on the outside of my upper left arm. It's about the size of a quarter. It's where fatty tissue is located on ones arm. Follow @alvinblin
If the pain is severe then I would suggest you make an appointment with your physican.    From what I have heard though- stopping in the middle of the pack may very well confuse your body into thinking it needs...
for a diagnosis and possible treatment.  The list of possibilities is vast.  If you're describing red spots... infection of hair follicles.  If you have (had) a sexual partner and you're describing sore spots...
, can also lead to muscle aches.  Of course, any injury could do so.  Red spots could be due to an allergic... more likely describe the red spots as blisters.  Localized pockets of infection could also make the leg sore...
Red Spots on the Chest by Susan May Patient Expert I took Nick to see the dermatologist about some red spots on his chest that he has had for a long time. They had no idea what it was but they gave him some cream that is suppose to help. The last time...
(Bump) Tricia by Nathan L. Patient Expert (This was originally posted in mid January. I thought today would be a good day to bump it.) My wife is the bravest, toughest woman I have ever know. There is no way that I could do what she is doing right now. Lot
Spotting by Clare Patient Expert Just like what I used to get a few days before my period. The nurse told me to bump up my progesterone to 1ml, from 0.5ml, and everything I read online says it means nothing, but...well, I'm preparing myself to be out. Gue
Bump on the Lip by Lian Patient Expert A couple of months ago, K developed this bump on her lip that just wouldn't go away. At first, we thought it was an ulcer developing (or what our American counterparts would call a canker sore). But like I said, it ju
The Joggling Show Must Go On by Perry R. Patient ExpertHealth Maven Clang, bump, clang, bump. And so it went as I slowly descended the three flights of the dark red, metal staircase. Going down stairs hurts the most. With 23 marathons under my belt, it’s not an unfamiliar pain, but it sti

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