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It might be something to worry about or it may not.  You need to have a veterinarian look at it for a proper diagnosis
I would say the same thing as Meredy. If you have no doctor now, start with an internal medicine specialist, called an internist (not an intern). He or she knows about all parts of the body. If you need to see a specialist fo
it as from above his belly button to below us sternum, it makes me think of a diastasis rectus, which is a weakening of the fascia of the abdominal wall.  In this situation, when he lies flat, the mass/lump should disappear...
it is on the upper right side by my rib cage.  It doesnt feel like anything but you know... in relation to this lump?  There is some good discussion on this topic at the following site: ...
LUMPS AND BUMPS by Helpful Buckeye Doctor of Veterinary MedicineHealth Maven your fingers through their hair...when, suddenly, you feel something firm and unexpected...a lump or a bump....  Sometimes the lump is very visible and sometimes you almost have to rub or squeeze the skin in order to realize...
Without a fever, one can always move from Mylanta or Tums to Pepcid AC or Zantac.  Failing that, Prilosec and others effectively stop acid production and are now available over-the-counter w/o prescription.  Just keep in min
Wine? Belly. Wine? Belly. by KCLAnderson Patient Expert noticing a difference in my belly. The upper part is thinning out a bit and getting more defined.... Harley? Dinette set. Except for you it’s, Wine? Belly. Wine? Belly.” Make sure you watch the commercial...
I have terrible heartburn as well.  I have been to several doctors and really received no answers.  My throat was hurting and my ears as well.  So I went to my ENT.  He looked at my vocal cords and asked if I had heartburn. 
Dogs may lick themselves for medical and/or behavioral reasons. For example, a dog may start licking a wound on the leg, but do so so energetically that the licking slows down the healing process. Dogs with joint problems
Have you got it diagnosed? It might be harmless as it has been there for so many years now. Are they fibroma? We have herbal remedies for Fibroma.

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