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Regaining function in weak arm by constraining "good" arm by stuart Patient Expert (CI therapy) may benefit chronic upper extremity hemiparesis in progressive multiple sclerosis (MS). Methods Five patients with progressive MS, who had chronic upper extremity hemiparesis and evidence...
-strained some of the muscles in your arms. The best advice that I can give you is consult a physician... is minimal and mostly due to the tightness of the swelling I think. I have been icing both arms sporadically...
aerobic cycle which moves the legs arms. There were sores.but i ignored.... This means that the muscles can no longer be fueled through oxygen, but by utilizing glycogen or "muscle...
.  Certainly, injuries that involve bleeding, bones sticking thru skin, weakness of muscles, and/or numbness...
.  Is there just weakness in the arm, or tingling as well?  Is there bruising?  Swelling?  Was there an incident in practice that lead up to this?  A myriad number of things could be going on.  You might have slept on your arm...
Journey of Change Part 6: I Flew All The Way From AZ to PA - Boy Are My Arms Tired! by Michele W. Patient Expert to her seat. She then grabbed an attendant by the arm and shoved the bag in her arms and said, “Earn... in the other arm. We came across what we thought was a “helper” for the airport. I showed her my special needs...
I just flew to Wellington and boy are my arms tired by Nadine H. Patient Expert The Wellington sign in Miramar - a huge gust of wind blew it askew recently Actually, my mind is tired, as that lame joke is about all I’ve got in the tank. I’m beat. The jet lag must have finally caught up with me. At
What are your armpit muscles called? by ndscott Patient Expert from the floor! I prefer to just think I'm sculpting all of the muscles in my upper arms and shoulder girdle... in there and now they hurt. Or, the aching armpits could be a clear indication that my actual pushup muscles are so weak...
and tingling in my both my feet and it usually last for a day or two, goes and come, also my left arm is growing weak and numb. At times my nerves ache all over my body and I tend to feel like I am loosing...
Arm Weakness by Lee Patient ExpertHealth Maven I don't think I have mentioned just how weak my left arm has gotten lately.  I have no idea... and cramped and weak.  Standing to do dishes or anything like that really cramps up my side and makes me dizzy...

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Treatment ... useful if you are having problems with muscle weakness in your arms and hands and, as a result, you find it difficult carrying ... » Read on
Introduction ... fects the muscles in the face (facio), shoulders (scapula), and upper arm (humeral). The leg muscles are also sometimes affected ... » Read on