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Rachel C. Atlanta, Georgia
Nearly 18 years ago, I did not understand what sounds meant to me. Every morning for the first few... More
nathenkaroin California
Optimal Stack is just as easy as pundits make it sound. We'll start with a few baby steps. You... More
EmmyKate California
I sometimes feels overwhelmed by the world. Sites and sounds can make me jumpy. When a class is... More
Gumfoot Saskatoon, CA
I was a Computer programmer and Systems Analyst for 15 years while fighting uncontrolled Epileptic... More
Jina Clearwater, Florida
I'm a proofreader at an accounting firm by day (it's better than it sounds) and a burgeoning... More

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Google Voice Integrated Into Gmail-Make And Receive Calls From The Browser Too by Medical Quack Patient ExpertHealth Maven I have already been using Google Voice for a while now and I have it set as a universal voice mail for me and now Google voice comes the browser.  I also use Google voice to replace my Verizon voice mail and I like the bac
Just listening to Gail’s voice i... by Dr. Kim .. Naturopathic DoctorHealth Maven Just listening to Gail’s voice is soothing enough but then she also LOVES us animals which makes it even better, WOOF! Which is why I’m singing her praises and the work at Bright Haven! Today on Animal Talk Naturally bri
My Voice by Christina Thielst Patient ExpertHealth Maven I'm reading (listening to) the 8th Habit by Stephen Covey and finding my voice!  I just finished Soilder about Colin Powel and we share some common threads!
Voice recognition coming to radi ... by Medical Quack Patient ExpertHealth Maven Voice recognition coming to radiology...BD  GE HealthcareIT has entered into a partnership with Pittsburgh, PA-based MultiModal Technologies (M*Modal) to roll out advanced radiology reporting technology. GE announced the a
Good article...are the voices of ... by Medical Quack Patient ExpertHealth Maven Good article...are the voices of the doctors finally being heard...sure hope so...BD  It turns out their doctors want to move up, too. They are way ahead of politicians in daring to go where the rest of the industrialized
Better.... by Jennifer T. Patient ExpertHealth Maven are slowly starting to sound like men again! What a relief!! I like men's voices..."...and it sounded pretty that's a relief. I also listened to Jeff and Geo's activation videos...
Another Mammogram Voice by Francine H. Patient ExpertHealth Maven and biopsies isn’t rationing — it’s sound science for today 5) breast cancer and prostate cancer...
At the Sound of the Tone... by Marriage The Easy Way .. Patient Expert when I was a kid and I could gauge when my parents would start yelling at each other based on the sound of tension... with my husband. He fully admits to having a harsh tone of voice. I find that most of the time, to me, he sounds...
Listen to the Sound of Your Voice! by Gabriella Kortsch Ph.D. Patient Expert in very specific ways. Due to those sounds, you reacted in ways that were consonant in some fashion, with those sounds. You were soothed, you were encouraged, your felt guilty, etc. Exactly the same thing happens...
That sound in his voice.... by Carol BipolarHubby Patient Expert , DD and I are heading over to the nursing home to visit your mom. Me: Oh that sounds great!! DH..." sound in your voice again. DH: What???!!! Well, that's an interesting thought. Remind...

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