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Kelvin Queensland, NZ
I am a foreigner with a different homeland, currently relocated to the USA in order to try to... More
Meeta K. Weimar, DE
Meeta - that's my name given to me by my dad! I was born back in the summer of 1972, one beautiful... More
AliShoreshine California
I'm a 25 year old female, that has faced two catastrophic hospitalized actions for random,... More
D California
I have known about my meningioma for about 3 years...I am the one who asked my osteopath...who... More

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Mercy Medical Center- A Catholic Hospital Opens the First Public Umbilical Cord Blood Bank by Medical Quack Patient ExpertHealth Maven public bank in Maryland where women can donate the stem cells from their babies' umbilical cords... the use of umbilical cord stem cells — said about 10 mothers have agreed to donate umbilical cords after giving birth...
Veins, Veins, Veins by Matthew Z. Patient Expert By Kairol Rosenthal Are your veins shot from chemo? Are you tired of being a human pin cushion? What can you do to get juicier veins for easier blood draws and IV sticks? I recently called the 24 hour-nurse line...
Spider veins, varicose veins, cellulite - a dermatologist’s view by Dr. John Z. Medical Doctor - While spider veins, varicose veins, cellulite and pedicures gone awry may sound like the makings of a modern-day horror flick, the scary part is these dermatologic conditions and associated...
Advanced Vein Care Solutions Advises On Seeking Vein Treatment by Len S. Patient Expert Advanced Vein Care Solutions Launches New Campaign to Educate on Seeking Vein Treatment Advanced Vein Care Solutions is announcing the launch of a new campaign designed to educate the public...
AccuVein Handheld Device Makes Finding Veins Quick and Easy by Elizabeth Leis Patient Expert Geriatric Center and Hospital that is making it much easier for nurses to find veins in patients, and more enjoyable for children to get their blood drawn. The device is called the AccuVein AV300. It’s a small...
Intravenous Cord Blood Cells Rejuvenate Aging Brains, Replenish Neural Progenitor Cells by Al Fin .. Patient Expert that were injected into the peripheral veins of mice were human umbilical cord blood mononuclear cells (HUCBMCs... with a single injection of human cord blood cells in a peripheral vein. The single cord blood cell injection...
Doctor in Oklahoma Gets 17 Day Review and Approval for EZ Vein-Non Invasive Device To Help With Inserting IVs & Finding the Vein by Medical Quack Patient ExpertHealth Maven to the veins and this way it becomes more visible.  The doctor who invented the device is 33 years old.  The device is non invasive and I have seen other types of vein finders available but this one looks easy...
Several things could be going on: 1.  You may mean your femoral artery not vein.  The artery lies just under the skin in your groin.  If you've had valve surgery, you've probably had a catheterization to look...
My suggestion is to have him see a doctor. If he has blood clots, that could be very serious. In less than 24 hours, clots can move from ones legs to the lungs, and that is serious. Is his pain there all the time, or just
I am not a physician and it is best to ask the person doing the procedure these questions - as that person knows you best

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Risks ... ple of your baby's blood, which is collected from a vein in the umbilical cord using a thin needle passed through your abdomen. ... » Read on
Diagnosis ... f you are rhesus-negative, blood will be taken from your baby's umbilical cord after birth to check your baby's blood group and ... » Read on