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Ulcers On The Tonsils

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More Tonsil Woes... by Sarah Patient Expert . He examined the rest of her and discovered she has very Ulcerated Tonsils and Windpipe. So she is back on antbiotics again, it has only been almost 2 months since she had Tonsillitis! So we are assuming...
Inadequate blood flow & nerve damage can cause your pain in the extremities.  The former can make it difficult to heal injuries. Go see your family doc.
I, too, was a kid with swollen, unhealthy tonsils, sick every winter. Consult your doctor, i.e. if the tonsils have white, pin-prick spots (puss) as mine did, have them taken out. For a young child it is not...
Have you gone to see a doctor yet?  Your doctor can prescribe you a topical ointment to help your ulcers heal.  Skin ulcers can take a long time to heal so it is important to start treatment early...
as that now almost all of my health issues are rearing their proverbial ugly head. The lump on my tonsil has begun to cause... the state of the lump, and depending on doctor's findings and advice, the overall health of your tonsils...
The connection between your tonsil operation and your constipation is probably, that you are not chewing your food properly, and are afraid of swallowing, because of the discomfort. For constipation, 1...
Heartburn over an extended period of time can cause damage both in the stomach and in the esophagus and small intestine.  You may be developing an ulcer along with esophageal stricture...
Salt on any open wound hurts & burns.  Open wounds can also bleed.  Perhaps the red bumps are viral in nature, in which case antibiotics wouldn't do you any good.  Or perhaps you have strep throat?  In that case, you do need
!  Although corneal ulcers can happen in any breed of dog, repeated incidents such as you are describing... decreases or stops, the surface of the cornea becomes dry and very easily can become ulcerated. I am sorry...
I had these once. My ENT told my I had kryptic tonsils, meaning that they have alot of deep ridges... wash, you can actually even reach back and scratch them off. Hope this helps. The Tonsils excrete small...

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