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Twitching In Right Arm

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, whatever IT is, and right now that is not what you need.  Just wait for the doctor to tell you or call if it has been awhile... for the twitching just remember that stress will make it worse so you need to learn to relax, try yoga or meditation....
i had a pinched nerve or something. Now the twitching on my right side of my back has been occurring for like 2 weeks very persistently. They feel like electirc currents and go from my mid back (but on the right side...
twitch twitch twitch by Tara Robertson Patient ExpertFacebook my arm, Owen throwing his socks at my head, Aiden crawling under his chair and chanting weird things... to get a referral for your other son too so ASD (autism spectrum disorder) can be ruled out". Ya, that's right...
Sorry to hear about your predicament.  Several thoughts come to mind to explain what's going on.  Musculoskeletal trauma could certainly explain stabbing pain w/movement of your right arm.  Rib fracture...
These could be symptoms of anxiety, which the Xanax will address. They could also be symptoms of nerve impingement due to arthritis or other health issues. Keep a log of symptoms, noting what you feel, when it occurs and the
and tingling in my both my feet and it usually last for a day or two, goes and come, also my left arm....  Of course, if you injured your arm, that's where I'd look for the nerve damage.  Some vitamin deficiencies...
in your center chest and can travel to your left OR right arm, your jaw and neck.(but not... shoulder pain that can go down your arm. Muscle or nerve pain usually happens when you move your arm...
It's been several days since you made your post. If your arm is still sore, go see a doctor. Minor stresses, bruses, etc. usually only last a few days.
10 years is a long time for your arm to be weak and numb.  The extent of the weakness & numbness... of your arm is weak & numb.  Best to go see a neurologist (or a physiatrist) who is trained in performing...
You may have a tendonitis or other repetitive strain condition from prolonged computer postures and work. It is very common these days to to the number of hours we spend at our computers at home and then at work.  The contin

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Symptoms ... ms, legs and face may become stiff, and you may experience twitching on one side of your body. The symptoms of a co ... » Read on
Symptoms ... ild's body will become stiff and their arms and legs will begin twitching. They will lose consciousness and some children will w ... » Read on