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Tuberculous Infection Of The Lymph Nodes

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The lymph nodes in your body are part of the immune system, and can get inflamed and swollen..., and that whatever you're feeling is in fact just an inflamed lymph node....
know how long ago you put up that your son was sick with the enlarged lymph nodes... and that is how they found the enlarged lymph nodes, so my doctor sent me to get a colonocopy done. By the time it was time for that test...
-resistant infections. Getting a proper diagnosis for the cause of the lymph node swellings... First of all, you don't know for sure that this is happening due to an infection or
variety of different sources, including anemia, MS, lupus, and many other conditions.  A swollen lymph node is usually a sign of infection.  Whether or not CFS seems to fit your symptoms, you should see...
.  However, swollen lymph nodes in the groin area are not typically associated with any of the above but rather with (sexually transmitted) infection.  Best to get checked out for both by your family physician.  Good luck!...
be "fine".  WBC (white blood cell) counts shouldn't be high as that suggests infection which is consistent with swollen inguinal lymph nodes.  At the very least, an ultrasound seems very reasonable to me, perhaps even...
to be aspirated multiple times. Your swollen lymph nodes may also be a sign of infection brewing at the site...Your lymph nodes are likely reactively inflamed from your surgical procedure. It sounds
I suspect that they didn't find "spots on her lymph nodes" but rather spots that are lymph nodes... usually associated with swollen lymph nodes.  She needs to get evaluated as soon as possible to determine what's...
, I would guess that "No". You may have already done this, but google lymph nodes and do some general reading about your lymph system and infection of the nodes.   ...
Lymph nodes, personality and the practice of medicine by David K. Patient Expert recently) have an EBV infection. Conclusion: They enlarged lymph node is probably not from mono. I say "probably.... I teach them the science, and help them find their path. So anyway, Arman's enlarged lymph node...

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Introduction ... monary TB) or other parts of the body, such as the lymph nodes (tuberculous adenitis or scrofula), the skin and the bones. Tuber ... » Read on
Introduction ... uid containing mostly water and protein. This fluid is known as lymph. The lymphatic system drains away excess fluid from the ti ... » Read on