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It's doubtful that your TSH has a direct effect on your voice & balance since it's the signal....  I would posit that if you're used to a TSH of 1, then a TSH of 4.01, while normal for most, isn't normal...
Sorry but I'm not aware of any supplement to lower TSH.  Since iodine is necessary for thyroid... clear how much iodine is needed.  Whatever you decide, be sure to check your TSH regularly...
What Is A Normal TSH Level ? by Andrea Patient Expert Oh, man, if I had a $1 for every time I have been asked this question ----- check out this article from for the record, my last TSH level was .155.......I'm a happy camper!
I suspect that you're referring to your TSH or thyroid stimulating hormone being elevated.  If that's the case, you have hypothyroidism or an inactive thyroid which is associated w/decrease energy...
Q&A Session at by Alvin B. Lin Medical DoctorHealth Maven Wht tst should I do for TSH?and wht is norml tsh level?and wt should I do if it is below avrg? Follow @alvinblin This site complies with the HONcode standard for trustworthy health
Why Women Should Watch Their Level of Thyroid Function? by Ng Peng Hock Patient Expert known as the pituitary gland. High TSH level is an indication that implies low thyroid function.... What strike the researches was that the higher the TSH levels, the higher the risk of heart death. The link...
The TSH Reference Range Wars by Jeffrey Dach MD by Jeffrey Dach MD Medical Doctor and 1.4 mU/liter and that more than 95% of the normal population will have a TSH level less than 2.5 mU...: "The use of "natural" thyroid in patients whose TSH levels for example are not yet over 5.5 has stimulated...
Is normal TSH too high? by Dr. William D. Medical Doctor source of debate over the past 10 years has been what a normal TSH level is. In clinical practice, a TSH..., increasing TSH levels were associated with increasing levels of LDL cholesterol and triglycerides...
The sometimes nonsense of ‘normal’ levels and ‘reference values’ by Dr. John B. Medical Doctor , some of which I detail here , TSH levels are not utterly reliable for assessing thyroid function. For one thing, TSH... misclassifications of patients with abnormal TSH levels”. In other words, the older people get, the higher their TSH...
TSH Results by Ciara .. Patient Expert As promised, my TSH results. You can see that my last one was taken on 6/13/08. My TSH is .7. What's interesting to note here is the unsteadiness of my levels. I have not been able...

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Diagnosis ... ur blood and test it for levels of thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH) and levels of the thyroid hormones, thyroxine and triiodoth ... » Read on
Treatment ... n most cases, the reduced level of thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH) in your blood will eventually return to normal within a cou ... » Read on