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The TSH Reference Range Wars by Jeffrey Dach MD by Jeffrey Dach MD Medical Doctor and 1.4 mU/liter and that more than 95% of the normal population will have a TSH level less than 2.5 mU... and that more than 95% of the normal population will have a TSH level less than 2.5 mU/liter clearly imply...
Small-Molecule TSH Receptor Modulators for Diagnosis and Treatment of Thyroid Disease and Cancer by weight thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH) receptor modulators for use in evaluation and treatment... encompassed by this technology are more potent and/or more specific TSH receptor activators than currently...
THYROID: Really Low TSH likely OK in pregnancy by Marie L. Patient Expert in the medical community gave him SO much grief for it. For one thing, he advocated a preconception TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone--common test of thyroid function) of less that 2 (5 is considered "normal...
I'm so sorry to hear about your sister - this must be incredibly difficult for her, too.  Even though she is a young 61, she likely still qualifies for senior programs.  Many are oriented to people with lower income.  Contact
TSH (or thyroid stimulating hormone) is a measure of thyroid function.  With any measurement, it's... range for TSH of 0.4-4.5mIU/L.  If that's the case for your lab, then your 4.01 is normal.  Some labs...
Thyroid Reference by Donna Patient ExpertHealth Maven The Board of Endocrinology changed the range of appropriate TSH levels in January of 2003. The appropriate range was .035-5.00 but is now .035-3.00. Anyone having a TSH over 3.00 is considered...
Sequencing for Less Than $100.00 and In Less Than 10 Minutes – PayPal Co Founder Joins Halcyon Molecular by Medical Quack Patient ExpertHealth Maven president. According to the email, Halcyon will sequence complete human genomes in less than ten minutes and for less than $100. This is significant drop in price and time from existing genome sequencing labs...
Incompatible Desires and the Less is Less Principle by Jennifer Patient Expert to self-esteem). To me, this explains how destitute people in third world countries appear to be no less... an identity. So, here's to living with less - not just less stuff, but less baggage. The less excitement...
Downshift, spend less, work less by Adam V. Patient Expert Downshifting: a grandiose name for the extremely sensible idea of spending less cash on porcelain mantlepiece ornaments so you can work less. I mention it because this week is, once...
'Tis the Season for Less is More & More Is Less by Connie Bennett Healthy Living Professional of Tonja H. Ward of Ward Wellness. I just had to share these "Less is More..." tips with you. 'Tis the Season Where Less is More and More is Less!! Here are 10 easy tips to make More of your holiday season...

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Causes ... ase of the skull) to produce more thyroid -stimulating hormone (TSH). The thyroid gland then works harder, becomes larger (this ... » Read on
Diagnosis ... d, will produce a hormone known as thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH). TSH is released by your body in order to stimulate your th ... » Read on