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My name is Jay Kilby, and I am the creator and owner of Think 2100 (formerly WeBuyItGreen), which... More
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Caster Semenya is a hermaphrodite according to published reports by Roman M. Patient Expert Test results show that South African runner Caster Semenya is a hermaphrodite according... Semenya to get surgery as human hermaphrodites can often have severe physical and psychological issues...
True Lemon, True Lime and True Orange by Meredy Registered NurseHealth Maven True Lemon, True Lime and True Orange What are they? Sachets (packets) of crystallized lemon, lime and orange that create a fresh-squeezed taste when added to water, tea, or in recipes
what is true, what is true, what is true by Summer S. Patient Expert I've been a victim to my own lies for a lifetime. I've lived in a prison of torture that was self inflicted. I didn't know there was another way. I didn't know it could be different. I was vulnerable to outside i
New SPEWD Free Product: True Lemonade and True Raspberry Lemonade by Heather C. Patient Expert thing in our household. Until now. I found True Lemonade and True Raspberry Lemonade. It’s really good... some near you click here True Lemon ...
Tip of the day: You ask me how I knew… my true love was true by Amy .. Patient Expert Tip of the day: How do you know your true love is true if your version of “true” is actually for them to lie and deny what they truly want for themselves…for the sake of pleasing you? That’s
How true it is and more true tod... by Marc D. Healthy Living Professional How true it is and more true today with the Internet, mass e-mail, ClickBank books, and everybody jumping on the bandwagon of “I’ve got a solution for your weight loss problem. The Founding...
How true, how true... by Laura Y. Patient Expert Be kinder than necessary Because everyone you meet is fighting Some kind of battle.   ~lovely sentiment attached to an e-mail I received today.
So true, so true! by RunnerGirl .. Patient Expert I love this picture. My running club just sent us out a few pictures for motivation for next year' s Freep Marathon. LOL... well at least they are on top of things!
So true So true by Neo-Conduit Patient Expert I have read some great posts this morning. I would like to share a few. The first post is from another young woman Amy who has a Ileal Conduit, she is just beginning her blog journey, and she shares her experiences which a
No, it is not true. Some types of fiber are absorbed but those which are not , do not interfer with the absorption of carbohydrates. And fiber is good for you . But go slow on increasing it in your diet...

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Causes ... renal hyperplasia (CAH), and intersex conditions (also known as hermaphroditism), may also result in gender dysphoria. ... » Read on
Why it is necessary ... the majority of cases, the foreskin will loosen naturally, with true phimosis (see below) only accounting for about 1% of cases. ... » Read on