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MikeWilson California
Nestled in the beautiful beach town of Encinitas in Southern California, New Horizon Recovery is... More
Dr. Jagdish Vankar Vadodara, IN
I am Dr. Jagdish Vankar, MD Psychiatry. I strive to provide holistic, ethical and satisfying... More
HolisticHealth toronto, CA
My passion is to provide leading edge holistic and homeopathic information not commonly found in... More
Dr. Arnon Krongrad, MD Aventura, Florida
Arnon Krongrad, MD is a urologist specializing in the treatment of prostate cancer and chronic... More
theminirthclinic Texas, Texas
The Minirth Clinic has a commitment to excellence in maintaining a professional Christian... More

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The fever could be a result of his body's reaction to the chemo, an infection, or an elevated... they are not able to pinpoint the exact cause of a fever.  Many times it will go away an they never do figure...
Rheumatic Fever Treatments, Remedies And Prevention by Corry C. Patient Expert Once you came down with Rheumatic fever, you are very likely to get it again, but the treatments are not only geared towards bringing the inflammations under control and providing relief...
final days of infection treatment and still a fever by Donna Peach Patient Expert This darned fever will not quit, and the last day of my treatment with Vancomysin... of the antibiotic treatment, but I do not know what my oncologist will want to do at that point if this stupid...
Dengue Fever Diagnosis, Treatment, and Prevention by Corry C. Patient Expert Diagnosing dengue fever is often done through physical examination, assessing the symptoms, blood tests, and sometimes an ultrasound. Once confirmed, further treatment is determined. That treatment...
Mediterranean cruise death and tick fever by Dr. Erik McLaughlin Medical Doctor ) common.  Examples include Mediterranean Spotted Fever, South African tick-typhus, tsutsugamushi...) common.  Examples include Mediterranean Spotted Fever, South African tick-typhus, tsutsugamushi...
I was put on Celexa for my GAD, and I got a fever right now on the 4th day on it. Can Celexa give u a fever? by David M. Patient Expert I also felt very weak, all my muscles were very sore. Yes it can, and if you feel weak and have sore muscles too perhaps it might be best to contact your doctor? If you have a read of the information sheet that came with
Use Alternative Allergy Treatment In Conjunction With Conventional Treatment Methods by Lucy J. Patient Expert tablets every time an ailment develops and so are now looking for alternative allergy treatments... are finding alternative allergy treatments to be worth trying out and so, it is not just the non-conformist...
Finished another week of hyperbaric treatment by LeslynMusch Patient Expert Just got home from hyperbaric treatment. Last week, after finding out I had a fever, I went and saw.... Just in case you've been wondering, here are a few little known facts about hyperbaric treatment: - At 33...
Got the boot from hyperbaric treatment today by LeslynMusch Patient Expert Well, I'm not sure what is going on at the moment. I went to my hyperbaric treatment today, they checked my vital signs like they always do and found out that I had a fever of 101 degrees. I knew I felt...
Prepatellar Bursitis Treatment and Prevention by Corry C. Patient Expert If Prepatellar Bursitis is not treated properly, the bursa can break which could cause an infection, accompanied by fever. To avoid this and to cure Prepatellar Bursitis, treatments often start...

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What it is used for ... t of people use acupuncture when they find conventional medical treatments do not work for them. Others use acupuncture alongsid ... » Read on
Risks ... develop into blisters, fever, bloody, or watery, diarrhea, ... » Read on