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Jennie King Portland, Oregon
I am the owner of Red Bird Healing Arts, LLC an acupuncture clinic in Portland, OR.   This... More
samualervin California
Genital warts can be embarrassing, since the areas where they erupt are quite sensitive and hence... More
spagirlkaren Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Pittsburgh PA Consultant with Jordan Essentials Bath & Body bringing you an amazing... More
Dr. David Trybus Springfiled, Missouri
My name is Dr. David Trybus, I am an Alternative Healthcare Provider specializing in treating... More
mbare10 Scranton, Pennsylvania
I want to be eat well and treat myself well.

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You could be seeing the active stages of tracheobronchitis, also known as kennel cough.  There is usually a lot of coughing, gagging, and sometimes the production of a white, foamy phlegm.  Most of these dogs will recover fr
This Just In: Chugging Patron Makes You Vomit. And We’ve Got the Video to Prove It. by netventures Patient Expert Is your day off to a great start?  Want it to take a disgusting turn townward?  Then treat yourselves to one of the newest and most foul YouTube memes:  The truly stupid attempting to chug a bottle of Patron...
physician w/the above complaints.  Back pain w/vomiting blood, headaches & weakness is not something to treat w/stuff in the medicine cabinet.  You didn't mention your age, pregnancy status (yes/no), how long...
I agree with Dr Myrna,  we need much more information here.   :-) How old is your dog? What breed?  What is the cause of the enlarged liver? How is it being treated? What have you tried feeding him? Sorry...
Kirsty, Just to be sure what we're talking about here, did this worm come from your dog or cat?  If so, did they vomit up the worm or pass it in their stool?  If the worm is smooth and does not appear segmented...
Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome by Dr. Anshu Gupta Patient Expert In cyclic vomiting syndrome (CVS), people experience bouts or cycles of severe nausea and vomiting that last for hours or even days and alternate with longer periods of no symptoms. CVS occurs...
What You Should Know When Your Dog is Vomiting from! by Ryan R. Healthy Living Professional vomiting might be from a more serious condition, and needs to be treated right away... that your dog could be very sick. Always take your dog to the vet before attempting to treat his vomiting...
HOLIDAY STRESS...AND VOMITING??? by Helpful Buckeye Doctor of Veterinary MedicineHealth Maven and a favorite toy or treat. 3) If you're having guests over, work on your dog's greeting manners to save... arrive. Be sure to remind your guests not to give your dog any treats or table scraps. 4) If you're...
Vomiting and Diarrhea: How Sick is Your Child? by HealthyKids .. inevitable that your child will suffer diarrhea or vomiting or both at some point during their life. But how do you know when it's serious and, more so, how do you treat it? We have two very well-informed...
How to ... Treat Diarrhea at Home by Dr. Patty Khuly Doctor of Veterinary Medicine Up next in our “How to” series, treating diarrhea in dogs and cats at home and when it’s..., however, when pets should see a veterinarian without delay.   If any of the following apply, don’t try to treat...

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Complications ... toms of red inflamed skin, fever and pain. The condition can be treated with antibiotics, and acetaminophen can be used to relie ... » Read on
Treatment Deciding on a treatment plan Once leukemia has been detected ... » Read on