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Belly Dance is my joie de vivre! I've studied the art for over 15 years, including the historical... More
Janearthur Houston, Texas
I am Jane Arthur, doing research on  Online CPR  and from my experience I think... More
sanangelico St. Petersburg, Florida
Passionate, wise, intelligent, cultured, active, ethical, idealistic yet practical in the everyday... More
FitthisGirl Minneapolis, Minnesota
Mary Sailors is a freelance writer, blogger, and fitness lover. With a degree in English from... More
Kim O. WA
I'm a wife, mother of two and Family and Special Needs Law Attorney.  My son was diagnosed... More

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My experience of Trazadone (Desyrel) by brain m. Patient Expert I have been taking Trazadone for about 3 weeks now and I am waiting for my doctor to prescribe me an alternative due to the side-effects. At first it didn't seem to help me to get to sleep but did help me sleep better once I
February’s P90X2 Experiment [Barre Experiment Results Are In!] by Charlotte H. Patient Expert One day into our P90X2 Experiment and I am unimpressed. The reason: I have the stomach... plan customized just for you. Since I am no longer doing food Experiments however, I’ll just be doing...
Secret of Adulthood: Experience the Experience. by Gretchen R. Patient Expert Further Secrets of Adulthood :     I constantly struggle to experience the experience, to experience now. Not to think about the past, or the future, but now. In fact, the last chapter...
August's Great Fitness Experiment: The Experiment I Said I'd Never Do. by Charlotte H. Patient Expert too cold," I said. "It's too naked," I said. "I don't want to do an Experiment that requires aggressive... out and..." I whine a lot. For August's Great Fitness Experiment, the Gym Buddies and I are - oh yes - swimming...
February's Great Fitness Experiment: Sandbags! [Plus Creatine Experiment results] by Charlotte H. Patient Expert in fact. Back when we first Experimented with kettlebells we also got that question a lot... I am so excited to try sandbags for February's Great Fitness Experiment: sure they're an unstable weight...
May’s Great Experiment Fitness Experiment (+ 5 Pro Tips for Stress Cases!) by Charlotte H. Patient Expert to mankind performed on me! While I might be a leeetle hyperbolic, this month for my Great Fitness Experiment... with them because of their magazine Experience Life . I’ve gushed about it on here before but it is one of the most scientifically...
Experience "Walking With Dinosaurs-The Live Experience"-Review by Patty .. Patient Expert The Walking With Dinosaur Live Experience is a lifetime family event and experience you don't want to miss! Thanks to BBC Worldwide my family and I saw the Phoenix, AZ show on September 12, 2008...
June's Great Fitness Experiment: Eating Like a Normal Person (Plus Pilates Experiment Results) by Charlotte H. Patient Expert this Experiment is a cop out but I'm telling you that I have never - and I'm including the time I went Primal - been so scared to do an Experiment. And I have never wanted so badly for an Experiment to work...
Pilates: May's Great Fitness Experiment Plus Experiment Results by Charlotte H. Patient Expert . April's Great Fitness Experiment Results There just isn't a delicate way to say it so I'm just going... Mr. Vestergren's credentials with our Experiment is to think that it would have been different...
My Low-Carb Product-Free Diet Experiment by Jimmy M. Healthy Living Professional as an experiment and see if it makes a difference in my weight. I feel fantastic right now health-wise... more about this soon. In the meantime, you can track my progress on this new diet experiment to see what if any impact cutting...

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