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xtopher1974 Brooklyn, New York
Hi! I'm a late deafened adult with NF2. I'm also HIV+. All total, I'm doing pretty well. Just like... More
Astra Libris .. Atlanta, Georgia
I’ve worked on a sheep farm, on countless horse farms, in a cell biology lab, in an... More
JustineFolk California
Going to list some basic things that I think might let you know who I am and how I act. My... More
Omayra T. Pretoria, ZA
my name is Omayra, i am almost 36. i have had my left kidney removed 11 years ago. 2 years ago i... More
Sandrewmorks California
I actually like this example. Purify Naturally Total Cleanse looks the part. How do cool kids get... More

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Hmmm . . . your post ended abruptly.  I'm not convinced that the timing of your surgeries has anything to do with your current complaint of dizziness.  Moreover, a hysterectomy shouldn't make you dizzy unless you're still bl
Q&A Session at by Alvin B. Lin Medical DoctorHealth Maven I had a total thyroidectomy and total hysterectomy within two months of each other less than a year ago. I'm experiencing dizzin   Follow @alvinblin
Bret and Chelle's Thyroidectomie... by Jo C. Burzycki Patient ExpertHealth Maven Bret and Chelle's Thyroidectomies We left for Atlanta around 10am on Tuesday, March 29th... of the hospital at first and had to totally backtrack and go a block down to the Children's Hospital but once...
Conference Menstruation Syndrome by domesticextraordinaire Patient Expert when I was due for my "monthly visitor." (Also you have to totally say "monthly visitor" in hushed tones because that is how our school nurse said it.) (And yes I totally use my phone to keep track of my cycles-doesn't...
Total Mind and Body Fitness Blog Carnival 181 by FitBuff Brandon Patient Expert in the Total Mind and Body Fitness Blog Carnival? Click here to submit... about Menstruation posted at Online Certificate Programs . Aparna presents Rubbing nails cures hair loss...
You've Lost That Bloated Feeling by Matt M. Patient Expert While trying to figure out the best way to consume more total calories, I have just been trying to eat more in the meantime, period.  My initial ways of doing this didn't work so well.  In general...
to sustain semen for more than a few hours.  totally possible. and im willing to bet thats...
No...a woman fertile's window is relatively small- three days before, the day of and day after ovulation- grand total of five days.  If you are already in your luteal phase (the time...
The period from the pills resets your cycle so since last november you've had a total of two cycles since then, right? How long has it been since the first day of your last bleed? Have they tested...
At this point in your cycle the test should be accurate. You can ask your physican if you want though about a blood beta-- thats totally your right

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Treatment ... permanent cure for recurrent hyperthyroidism, and is known as a total, or near-total, thyroidectomy. Your specialist may rec ... » Read on
Treatment ... oid gland will need to be removed, using a procedure known as a total thyroidectomy. However, sometimes it is only necessary to ... » Read on