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Rebekah FitzWilson Auckland, NZ
I'm a Parks and Recreation Policy and Planning Advisor for a city council in New Zealand - the... More
fitchelle California
Hello everyone!!!! Well to start my name is Michelle Garibay, im 20 years old and i currently... More

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Sorry, I'm not familiar w/torn ovaries.  Perhaps your doctor meant a "torsed" ovary, as in ovarian torsion.  This is a situation in which the ovary twists on itself and its blood supply.  The pain...
I all depends on your therapist approach to rehabilation, it can take up to three months to return to your sports or full training.
I'm not a doctor and can't give medical advice, but I would suggest that you not run until your injury is healed. Pain, limping, etc. are ways that your body talks to you to tell you it can't handle the stress you are giving
Thank you very much. I have dental appointment tomorrow morning. In the past I have slacked off on my oral hygiene. I mean I brush my teeth everyday but I have put off flossing. Not anymore I won't. Not after getting the bill
The fact that you still have serious pain after four months indicates you have a very serious injury. Go see a doctor!
Ghosts of Injuries Past – A Torn Rotator Cuff Saga by fatgirl2fitgirl Healthy Living Professional really what I could have done to it. I went to the doctor, who figured it was a torn rotator cuff tendon. Based on his assessment, he sent... her and like her. My husband has a bad back. Her assessment was a torn rotator cuff tendon, which she submitted...
My Torn Rotator Cuff is Healed Up by Merrilee Fullerton Medical Doctor I was swimming with some friends and family a while back, when I felt a strange pain in my left shoulder. I went to the doctor, and he said I had torn my rotator cuff. Ouch! He referred...
Quadriceps Exercise Beneficial A ... by Dr. Rubens D. Medical Doctor Quadriceps Exercise Beneficial After Knee Replacement No added benefits observed with combined..., unilateral total knee arthroplasty, progressive quadriceps strengthening with or without neuromuscular...
Tuesday Tip - Quadricep / Hamstring Strength Ratio by Michele A. Patient Expert . I was curious about the relationship between the quadriceps, hamstring, strength ratios and knee injuries... caught my eye. Strength ratios. Women tend to have stronger quadriceps relative to their hamstrings...
British PM Gordon Brown – Torn Retina by k Patient Expert A torn or detached retina is a serious eye problem.  It is, in fact, a medical emergency... as well. It now turns out that the Prime Minister of Britain also has a torn retina...

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