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Questions About Meniscus Injury, Surgery, Rehab by Doug K. Patient Expert the orthopedic surgeon told us that she has a torn ACL and tear of medial cartilage (meniscus). He also mentioned...? How long does a cut meniscus take to degenerate? 4)    The ortho advised that the meniscus surgery needs...
I all depends on your therapist approach to rehabilation, it can take up to three months to return to your sports or full training.
Meniscus Repair or Partial Meniscectomy by Mike R. Healthy Living Professional the importance of the meniscus), it was quite common for doctors to yank the whole thing when it was torn! As you can imagine.... Now, on to the types of surgery. Only the outer 1/3rd of the meniscus is vascular, or receives blood...
Study: Torn Knee Ligaments Heal Without Surgery by Dr. Eben Davis Doctor of Chiropracty shows a torn ACL, it has been common practice for most doctors to recommend surgery to replace the ACL... be able to resume their sport for a minimum of six months. Surgery for a torn ACL has been the common...
Torn - 2.0 by Eric .. Patient Expert last week. Apparently my post about my torn meniscus was wiped out. I'm pretty bummed about it because I thought it was a good post. So to recap I am having my medial meniscus repaired....TOMORROW. Yeah...
Teflon Knees: New replacements for torn and worn-out cartilage include freeze-dried collagen by Stem Cells Malaysia Patient Expert replacements, a pair of meniscus trimmings and an attempted cartilage repair job. The cartilage repair surgery... tears that once ended athletic careers now earn a lenient sentence of outpatient arthroscopic surgery...
How Effective is Arthroscopic Knee Surgery? by Jason S. Patient Expert this individuals into three groups: Surgery Group #1 (Lavage): The joint was lavaged with at least 10 liters.... Normally, no instruments were used to mechanically débride or remove tissue. Surgery Group #2 (Débridement): The joint...
Meniscal Tear – Two Words a Runner Doesn’t Want to Hear by Kathy .. Healthy Living Professional getting younger, and surgery, while not too bad for this type of thing (in most cases...
WHO WANTS SOME M.R.I. RESULTS???? by Amy T. Patient Expert confirm nor deny whether I had a tear in my medial meniscus. Sounds like a politician... gone away, then I have to have surgery. Apparentely the surgery is not that bad and according to ortho...
That is something best determined by a physican.    My own personal opinion (which isn't worth much of anything): a lacerated liver would probably have presented far earlier than four weeks. From what I know a laceration

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