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Hi I'm Michelle! I believe that an amazing passionate life comes from the combination of a healthy... More
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I enjoy cooking in a free form way that reminds me of Be Bop. I start with a structured idea... More
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The focus of this is on it. Agreed, I feel worse now. I imagine you'll find a wide selection... More
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At any age it's important to keep functioning well through life, listen to your body, exercise as... More

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Caveat: I am not a physician. Do you just feel swollen or are you swelling?  Have you checked in with your primary care provider to rule out medical issues that might be causing this feeling?   
Cracked Tooth by Dr. Ellie Phillips you have anything to loose - so why not give this a try and see how your mouth feels? Remember to include enough xylitol... tooth that is VERY sensitive to cold. It is in a tooth with a large filling done years ago. The dentist...
Tooth Troubles & Dentist Anxiety by Kirsty815 Patient Expert about whether or not I could feel him drilling into my tooth during a root canal. Or... who seemed to find my whole dentist ordeal humorous~ So what brought me to this dentist chair? Well… I feel the need...
Loose Tooth by Tara Robertson Patient ExpertFacebook ... Owen is most upset that he hasn't lost a tooth yet... but he does have a loose one... here in my house :). Loose Tooth ...
Andrew's loose tooth by RaeAnn Collins Patient Expert string tied on tooth... check string tied to door knob... check realizing that someone is now going to slam the door shut in an attempt to rip the tooth from my gums... scariest thing...
Loose Tooth by Tara Robertson Patient ExpertFacebook ... Owen is most upset that he hasn't lost a tooth yet... but he does have a loose one... Aiden lost another tooth today and he is very proud of it. In fact he put the tooth in a baggy...
My Baby Has A Loose Tooth! by Rational Jenn Healthy Living Professional He is 5 years, not quite 2 months old! I knew it would be early because he got his baby teeth very early and I myself was an early tooth kind of kid. But....not today! How is this possible? I'm
Tooth Loss Dreams are in the Top Ten by Saundra G. Patient Expert Remember when you were a child and a loose tooth was an exciting event? Remember how you pulled... me what it means. I've never dreamt about tooth loss, but I experienced it and wrote about the reality of tooth...
A Lost Tooth by Susan Patient Expert up". Or pop out as the case may be. Normally when a child has a loose tooth you hear about it, and little... a tooth it's a whole different experience. Ainsley started getting loose teeth kind of early, at age 4...
Quick and Easy Ways to Feel and Move Better: Installment 48 by Eric C. Healthy Living Professional to fit your body type. Hypermobile (excessively “loose”) people should spend time getting stable, and hypomobile (“stiff”) people should spend time getting loose. Loose people are already able...

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