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Hi, my name is Lea. I am a runner, health nut, writer, and dog lover. The blog name is sort of... More
Pifbmljc California
Hi, I had a tongue biopsy last week that has not healed. I did not have any pain prior to the... More
Boobies Butt N Gut Vancouver, Washington
In the blog world I go by Boobies Butt N Gut but my name is Krissy! Nice to meet you! I am 27,... More
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Boarding the Remission Train...where can I get an express ticket? I married the love of my... More
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Tongue Scalloping: A Simple Marker for Sleep Apnea? by Dr. Steven P. Medical Doctor , you'll also have a high-arched hard palate, and the tongue sits very high in the mouth, preventing... mentioned is tongue scalloping (click here for picture). This is when you have impressions or ridges...
Recipe How to Cook Beef Tongue (Slow Cooker Gluten Free) by Kristen S. Patient Expert Grass fed beef tongue with Cherry BBQ Sauce Enter the world of grass fed organ meats...? Tongue? What’s next? Not sure… kidneys are in my freezer but would you believe I’m freaked...
Apparently Your Tongue Goes Down Your GI Tract and Up To Your Brain by Ginger T. Patient Expert distributed in the various papillae of the tongue and the soft palate was enlightened. This molecular revolution rapidly expanded over and above the tongue, since several papers reporting the presence of taste...
Journal of Personal Science: Xylitol Cures Lichen Planus and Geographic Tongue by Seth Roberts .. Doctor of Philosophy Xylitol Improves Lichen Planus and Geographic Tongue by Evelyn M., Westchester County, NY..., tongue, the inside of my cheeks, all of it. I could not brush my teeth or eat...
In the wintertime, bedrooms are filled with super dry air.  Overnight many people suffer from extreme dry mouth.  Dried oral tissue show up whiter than usual.  Try sipping water to rehydrate.  If this doesn't help, you have a
Consumption of beef tongue: Human BSE risk associated with exposure to lymphoid tissue in bovine tongue in consideration of new by Terry S. Patient Expert Consumption of beef tongue: Human BSE risk associated with exposure to lymphoid tissue in bovine tongue in consideration of new research findings - Scientific Opinion of the Panel on Biological Hazards...
Dragon Tongues Taste Better Than Cod Tongues by Dreena Burton !. Healthy Living Professional Have you seen these exotic looking beans? Read more and find out how to cook them with ease... :)
its a kid ... not a dog The tongue can be sutured but only if really necessary.  If her tongue... there is a foreign body of some sort that is keeping the wound from healing.  The tongue may also benefit...
More likely than not, overgrowth of the little bumps on the tongue's surface has led to the discoloration.  The sores & blisters are more concerning for an (auto)immune disorder.  I suggest that you see
Many people express their reactions to stress and strain by exhibiting  some unusual oral behavior.  In my experience, I have seen people suck their tongues, chew their cheeks, and/or grind their teeth...

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