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Ms. Perky Silver Spring, Maryland
I am a mom to a vroombunctious ADHD foster son, and toddler triplets, and have struggled with... More
MarilynK Tampa, Florida
I'm a retired RN who had to leave my career because of Lyme Disease and its co-infections'... More
Rachel Wilkerson Grand Blanc, Michigan
I've always been a sucker for trying new things. (Late night infomercials are my kryptonite!) And,... More
Jessica K. Pennsylvania
I have a blog about raising my toddler who, despite blindness, glaucoma, and a g-tube, is thriving... More
Yesi27 California
I love to run and weight train. I am a proud militay wife and mother of 2 precious toddlers.

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product review: toddler bites by Linda and Cara .. Healthy Living Professional one this weekend.    Toddler Bites are plastic cutting utensils that you can use to cut food into small toddler-sized bites that are easy for little fingers to pick up and little mouths to chew...
Why Your Toddler Bites by just 4 families Patient Expert when your baby gets a negative response they will stop biting soon. Around the time that your toddler... to show some excitement.  When this stage that they are going through your toddler may try to bite you be certain...
Healthy Toddler Snacks by Baby Mum-Mum .. Patient Expert , does he take only 2 bites and race back to what he was doing? If you answered yes to these questions, you are probably the parent of a toddler. With such erratic eating habits, it is important you provide healthy, [...]
Toddler Perfect Chicken Nuggets by Amy R. Patient Expert We’ve all made chicken nuggets using bite size pieces of chicken, rolled in a breading, and baked... to chew! Sometimes, meat can be tough for toddlers without all their teeth.  One reason processed nuggets...
Baby/Toddler Food by Angie All The Way Patient Expert too! They are super easy to make, just remove the leafy part from the tough stem, wash, pat dry, tear into bite size... tiny bites of my food. Slow cooker chicken & sweet potatoes He also isn't a huge fan...
Thoughts: feeding a toddler by Coco .. Patient Expert that we need to feed a not-wanting-everything toddler, aka Sofia. Although we’re done with spoon feeding... is to offer her bites when she’s playing, and then no matter how big is the bite, she’ll put it in her mouth...
CSA Cooking Week 1: Getting a toddler to eat more veggies by Kate C. Patient Expert is training US to do the right thing. HOW DOES THIS HELP THE TODDLER?:  Really, I think this step... (although anything “green” is still *out*).  She will eat them – or at least taste a few bites to appease...
Toddler: 16 months by Coco .. Patient Expert herself, most of the time she’s done after only few bites. And me, afraid of her not getting enough, would chase her around the house and give her bites of food. Obviously that’s not good and she realized she still gets to eat even...
KRAFTS MilkBite Bars by Amanda Patient Expert We are definitely a snack family, especially with a toddler and always being on the go. When traveling with a toddler, whether it’s for a grocery shopping trip, or a long ride to visit family back home...
10 ways to make a toddler's transition from crib to bed easier....(on the parents) by Helene Patient Expert their heads open from jumping out of the crib, I told Tim, "I think it's time to bite the bullet and convert their cribs into toddler beds. Goodbye 8-hrs of sleep per night....hello sleep deprivation...

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Treatment First aid If you have been bitten, the most impo ... » Read on
Causes Rabies can be transferred to a human from an infected animal, usually a dog, via a bite or a lick to broken skin or the ey ... » Read on