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jothyr US
I am an above knee amputee caused by osteosarcoma 36 years ago in 1973. Three years later the... More
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Chiropractor Pittsfield | Chiropractic Works is located centrally in Pittsfield, MA at the Doctors... More
SOC California
I am a 62 year old  woman who has been happily married to my husband, Tom, for 40... More
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     I am a 41yr old man. I've been an electrician for 22yrs, most of which... More

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KneeBouncers: A Fun and Innovative Website for Babies and Toddlers! by Susan H. Patient ExpertFacebook and toddlers play games just by touching the keys (no mouse required!). KneeBouncers has 18 one-of-a-kind... Has your toddler ever crawled in your lap when you’re on the computer and wanted to play...
A Reader Question and Answer About Knee Pain by Doug K. Patient Expert now and NOTHING. I have a toddler and it is so hard to go through life w/out squatting or bending my knee. Thank... is below) about how to get the quadriceps muscles to work together, such as in a squatting motion, when your knee hurts. This post...
Wonky knees by ANNGREGORY74 Patient Expert I awoke a few minutes before 2am with excruciating pain in both knees. I had a small episode... most of the day, so that by the end of the night my left knee felt a little twitchy. My own fault...
Knee Surgery and the Kicking Baby by Lisa .. Patient Expert I had my second knee surgery last week. It went a lot better than the first. My biggest... always cooperative toddler. 20 months is not exactly known as an age of reason, to put it mildly...
Why Moms of Toddlers Need a Good (Padded) Bra by Susan H. Patient ExpertFacebook my toddler twins' pointy little elbows and knees have sent me into spasms of agony when they've stabbed... when their kids enter the toddler years! The reason has nothing to do with nursing...
Baby/Toddler Food by Angie All The Way Patient Expert Mum Mum or a Toddler Mum Mum as a treat in his stroller. I bought the Annie's brand of "goldfish... the bejeezus out of us. I had to turn him over and was about to pound his back over my knee when it came flying...
Knees, Knees, Woe the Knees by RunnerDude Healthy Living Professional In two recent posts, I shared two main causes of knee pain for runners— Iliotibial Band Syndrome... if orthodics are in order. The sports doc can also help rule out other knee problems that might be causing...
It seems to me: 1. you overstressed the knee by the length of the exercise. 2. Ice is put... with your knee. Pay attention to the messages it sends you. And not just your knee, but your whole body. It's...
I think the larger question I'd have about a student athlete is why is she wearing two knee braces... strengthening and stabilizing her knee joints which she'll likely need for the next 7 decades of her living.     ...
A swollen leg is described medically as edematous.  This is due to fluid retention.  The higher up you retain fluid, the worse the situation.  I suspect the dent that you noticed in your thigh is due to excess fluid there.  B

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Introduction Knock knee is an abnormal distance between the ankles when the knees a ... » Read on
Causes ... ssure or a knock to the area. Bursitis is commonly found in the knee, and is often known as carpet-layers knee or housemaids kne ... » Read on