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Tiny White Bumps On Thighs

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.  Just that it might be easier for your family physician to make the diagnosis.   With that said, white bumps make me think... can treat this.   Molluscum contagiosum is a skin (white) colored bump caused by a virus...
cheesy-like clumps of expended lymph and white blood cells and toxic materials they filter...
Bumps on the eyelid are typically either chalazion or hordeolum (stye).  The former are painless while the latter are painful and can be either internal or external.  It's imperative that you go see your eye doctor ASAP...
?  Any possibility that these are mosquito or ant bites?  Are the red bumps where you shave?  Perhaps this is razor...
!  We're human.  Get a second opinion.  Ive had these tiny bump things near the head of my penis...
Sorry but I'm having a difficult picturing a red bump.  It might be an ingrown hair or it might be a sexually transmitted infection, especially if you're itchy.  Since you're worried, it's best to go see
Eloquence of a Bump on the Head by Leah C. Healthy Living Professional A crowded bookshop-cafe, a harried white female Cantabrigian of about forty, wearing hipster... before removing it again. Behind me on line two white women are, like me, observing the drama unfold...
Treatment may be dependant on cause. If this rash is in the groin (the folds of the skin) it may be due to costant wetness. In that case use powder and hydrocortisone. If it is down on the dry areas of skin, use lubricants an
  Are the "bumpy patches" a result of your anxiety and stress? Perhaps. But they may also be due to any number of things. If you are concerned your doctor should be able to provide a diagnosis, or refer you to a specialist
(Bump) And She Will Be Called... by Nathan L. Patient Expert it was an appropriate bump for today! Gwyneth Rose Lawrenson Gwyneth - A Welsh name meaning, "Fortunate, Blessed" and/or "White, Fair" Rose - An English name Lawrenson - A strong English name meaning...

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